Bridling Live Baits for Kite Fishing

(Ask an adult or guardian for help)



Open eye live bait needle

Bridling (or rigging) bands

Circle Hook

Live bait

Monofilament or fluorocarbon leader



1. Tie hook to leader using uni-knot


2. Attach bridling band to open eye of needle


3. Use needle to pull band halfway through the bait, creating two loops


4. Hook both loops of the band


5. Pull hook so that loops are at the bottom of the hook’s bend


6. Twist hook so that it is snug against the bait


7. Push hook back under the twisted band


Easier to find than rigging bands are the small, sturdy rubber bands used as hair ties. They can be found in grocery and drug stores. When

bridling a baitfish for kite fishing, it is best to bridle the bait through the back.


Kite fishing is dynamite in freshwater as well as saltwater. Rig a shiner or other live baitfish with this method for bass, pike, or any other predatory game fish.