Do you like to build projects out of basic household items?  If so, then this is the spot for you!

In this section you can learn how to make great projects out of very simple materials and with basic tools and supplies. We'll teach you how to make fishing accessories, bait holders and much more in just a few easy steps. You can also learn about how you and your family can turn a simple walk by a beach, river, pond or lake into a fascinating exploration!

You can find mollusks, bivalves and other critters very easily once you realize what you're looking for. Click through the links below to learn how easy it is to build very useful projects as well as dive into the world of aquatic and marine biology.

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Floating Live-well Bait Bag
How to make a floating live-well you can pull behind you.

Learn how to make a cane pole
Make your own cane pole for panfish.

Make Your Own Jigs
How to make your own jig.

Making an IGFA Records Kit
IGFA Family project, How to make your own records kit.

Tide Pool Viewer
Make a small tide pool viewer.