Grenada hosts Caribbean Billfish Project Workshop

Grenada, one of the nations chosen for pilot studies in the Caribbean Billfish Project (CBP), hosted a workshop on May 23-June 1, 2017. The workshop, attended by representatives from government ministries, fisher groups, fish exporters, fish stakeholders, and FAO-Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission (WECAFC), sought inputs from attendees to locally inform updates to Grenada's fisheries policy and legislation that is currently being developed under the CBP. Ongoing updates to Grenada's national fisheries policy legislation will help faciliatate innovative management to address stock status concerns for billfish species.

Pilot Project opportunities for sustainable billfish management were also discussed among stakeholders. Grenada's relatively small recreational fishery operates alongside tuna longline, and fish aggregating device (FAD) oriented fisheries. These fisheries inequitably share diverse values from declining stocks through their capture and/or harvest of billfish species.

The goal behind the CBP is a sustainable management of fisheries capturing billfish, which protects the diverse values for both commercial and recreational fishers in Grenada and throughout the Caribbean.

Participants recognized the economic, community, and ecological value of billfish and the urgent need to address curent declines in their stocks throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean.