Runner, rainbow (Elagatis bipinnulata)

(Quoy & Gaimard, 1824); CARANGIDAE FAMILY; also called runner, rainbow yellowtail, skipjack, shoemaker, Hawaiian salmon, prodigal son
Occurs worldwide in tropical and warm temperate waters particularly temperatures of 70? 80?F (21? 30?C). Young are known to occur in the vicinity of floating rafts or debris and have been seen swimming with large sharks accompanied by pilotfish. It is rarely found in shore being more an inhabitant of the open sea. Young fish probably swim in relatively loose, small schools; older fish are more solitary.
There is a groove on the back and another on the venter i... Read More


Line Class World Records (Conventional Tackle)

Line Class
Catch Date
M-06 kg (12 lb)
10.88 kg (24 lb 0 oz)
Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

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