Snook, Pacific (Centropomus spp.)

CENTROPOMIDAE FAMILY also called robalo; (western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico: C. parallelus Poey, 1860, fat; C. pectinatus Poey, 1860, tarpon; C. undecimalis (Bloch, 1792), common; C. mexicanus Bocourt, 1868, Constantino or Guianan ; C. ensiferus Poey, 1860, swordspine or swordfin; C. poeyi Chávez, 1961, Mexican and (eastern Pacific: C. nigrescens Günther, 1864, black snook; C. unionensis Bocourt, 1868, humpback or union; C. armatus Gill, 1863, longspine; C. viridis Lockington, 1877, white; C. medius Günther, 1864, blackfin; C. robalito Jordan & Gilbert, 1882, yellowfin)
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