Trout, brown (Salmo trutta)

Linnaeus, 1758; SALMONIDAE FAMILY; also called German brown trout, European brown trout, sea trout, lake trout, brook trout, river trout, bull trout, English trout, von Behr trout, Lochleven trout, German trout, breac, gealag, brownie
Native to Europe and parts of Asia, from Afghanistan and the Aral Sea across Europe to the British Isles and Iceland, and back across Scandinavia to Poluostrov Kanin (Cape Kanin), in Russia, on the Barents Sea. It has been introduced in other areas, notably, Newfoundland, Canada, U.S.A., South America, New Zealand, and Africa. Today it is found throughout the U.... Read More


All-Tackle World Records

Line Class
Catch Date
19.10 kg (42 lb 1 oz)
Ohau Canal, New Zealand