Burbot (Lota lota)

(Linnaeus, 1758); GADIDAE FAMILY; also called cusk, eel pout, ling, lawyer
Widely distributed around the world above 40?N. The burbot is common throughout Canada, the northern U.S.A., and Europe within this range, with the notable exceptions of Scotland and Ireland, the Kamchatka Peninsula, the west coast of Norway, extreme western British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and the Atlantic Islands. It commonly occurs in deep, cold waters (up to 116 fathoms, almost 700 feet), and is one of the few fishes that spawn in midwinter under the ice.
This is an unusually distinctive fish with its long, almost... Read More


All-Tackle World Records

Line Class
Catch Date
11.40 kg (25 lb 2 oz)
Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan, Canada

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