Catfish, white (Ameiurus catus )

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Catfish, white (Ameiurus catus)

(Linnaeus, 1758); ICTALURIDAE FAMILY
The white catfish is native to the U.S. Atlantic coastal states from about Palm Beach, Florida, to New York. It has been introduced outside this range southward into Texas and on the west coast.
It is the smallest of the four catfish in the U.S.A. and Mexico that have forked tails. In all other species the tail is either rounded, squarish, or slightly emarginate. Despite the names white catfish and blue catfish, any of the species with a forked tail maybe light silvery blue with a white belly, though in the white catfish there is sometimes a sharper contr... Read More

Record Details
Russell D. Price
Weight of Fish
8.78 kg (19 lb 5 oz)
Length of Fish
0.00 cm (0.00 in)
Girth of Fish
0.00 cm (0 in)
Location of Catch
Oakdale, California, USA
Date of Catch
Type of Rod
Type of Reel
Type of Line
Line Size
Method of Catch
Lure or Bait
Species Location:
Oakdale, California, USA

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