Catfish, blue (Ictalurus furcatus )

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Catfish, blue (Ictalurus furcatus)

(Lesueur, 1840); ICTALURIDAE FAMILY; also known as bagre azul
This native species of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio River basin systems frequents deep areas of large rivers, swift chutes, and pools with swift currents. It is confined to the major rivers of the aforementioned systems, extending north into South Dakota and southern Minnesota, and south into Mexico and northern Guatemala. It has been introduced into Virginia.
This is the largest catfish of the family Ictaluridae, reported to grow to 120 lb (54 kg). The only larger catfish is the wels (Silurus glanis), a member of the Silur... Read More

Record Details
Richard Nicholas Anderson
Weight of Fish
64.86 kg (143 lb 0 oz)
Length of Fish
144.78 cm (57.00 in)
Girth of Fish
110.49 cm (44 in)
Location of Catch
Kerr Lake, Buggs Island, Virginia, USA
Date of Catch
Type of Rod
Shakespeare Ugly Stick
Type of Reel
Type of Line
Line Size
Method of Catch
Lure or Bait
Species Location:
Kerr Lake, Buggs Island, Virginia, USA

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