Barracuda, Mexican
(Sphyraena ensis)
Barracuda, Mexican / Sphyraena ensis (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882); SPHYRAENIDAE FAMILY
Mexican Barracuda are a marine, pelagic species found from Baja, Mexico to Ecuador. Like most species of barracuda, Mexican barracuda are voracious predators that feed on other small fishes and are also very popular with recreational anglers. The Mexican Barracuda is often confused with a sympatric, or overlapping, species with a similar appearance, the Pacific Barracuda. However, the dorsal and pelvic fins of the Mexican barracuda are positioned just behind the tip of the pectoral fin when depressed along the body whereas the dorsal and pelvic fins of the Pacific barracuda are positioned much farther back behind the tip of the pectoral fin. This is the key factor when visually distinguishing between the two species. Additional features that separate the two species include the presence of prominent V-shaped bars, or chevrons, and a dark tail on Mexican Barracuda.

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