Bass, whiterock
(Morone saxatilis x M. chrysops)
MORONIDAE FAMILY; also called sunshine bass (Florida), hybrid bass
The whiterock bass is a hybrid produced by a female striped bass (Morone saxatilis) and a male white bass (Morone chrysops). In Florida, the sunshine bass is the reverse cross of the same two species, and the two are therefore the same hybrid. Hybrids are not given their own scientific names, but are designated by the names of the two parent species.
The whiterock or sunshine bass looks like a stocky striped bass. It can be distinguished from its larger parent primarily by this shorter, stockier body, and by the interrupted or broken stripes on the sides. The interrupted lines will also distinguish it from its smaller parent, the white bass, as well its size in many cases.
It has been widely stocked in the lakes of various states, providing a new challenge for the angler. It is reputed to be an excellent game fish

Current All Tackle Record

27 lbs 5oz ( 12.38 kg)

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