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Australian National Sportfishing Association
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PO Box 328
+61 2 9311 3200 +61 408 609 586
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ANSA is the recognised peak national body for sportfishing throughout Australia and has been operational since 1967. ANSA consists of a network of branch associations across every Australian state which in turn have their own network of ANSA affiliated clubs. All told there are in excess of 200 fishing clubs affiliated with ANSA across Australia and an overall personal membership in excess of 3000. ANSA maintains a comprehensive Australia wide record chart which embraces line class, all tackle and length only records. The record chart caters for all kinds of fishing activity and techniques in both salt and freshwater and there are distinct records for junior and senior members. The ANSA record chart has a very strong and positive focus on capture and release fishing. ANSA also conducts its own national tagging programme (Austag) and actively participates in a variety of research and conservation projects in its own right and in partnership with a number of government agencies and research bodies. ANSA is a leading and vocal advocate for conservation of marine resources and the protection of fishing rights and entitlements. The ANSA code of ethics embraces "Sport - Conservation - Integrity" and our motto is to "Limit your catch - not catch your limit" More information on ANSA can be viewed at www.ansa.com.au ANSA Enquiries to: John Burgess PO Box 328 Telephone: 02 93113200 Matraville Mobile: 0408609586 NSW 2036 Australia Email: [email protected]
Cairns Rod & Reel Club
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