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Asociacion Colombiana De Piscicultura Y Pesca (Pispesca)
[email protected]
Calle 150 No 15-56 Of 4003
C C Cedritos 151
(310) 559-6776
www.pispesca.org.co www.facebook.com/pispesca
Contributing Club
Pispesca is a fishing club with 8 different places that offers aluminum boat and rooms for spending a night. Our associates fish in fresh water (lakes and Rivers) cold or hot weather because we live in a tropical country. We also fish in saltwater in 2 oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific. We promote fishng for families and have 20 events and tournaments per year. We fish from rainbow trout to marlin.
Zona de Pike Club
[email protected] [email protected]
Calle 75 sur # 34 - 240
Medellin 055450
+57 314 7174177
Instagram: @zonadepikeclub
Contributing Club
Zona de Pike it's a Colombian non-profit fishing club established in Medellin 2006. Our club is one of the most influential and pioneers in promoting responsible sportfishing in the country. Today Zona de Pike has 25 active members who fish regularly on a yearly 100% catch and release tournament composed of 11 monthly events. The mission of our club is to promote sportfishing and encourage other anglers to practice this sport by organizing and participating in different national and international fishing tournaments. We fish from saltwater species in our 2 oceans as Sailfish, mahimahi, tuna, Groupers, jacks, snappers, tarpon, etc; until all the freshwater species from big rivers thru little streams like Black bass, Peacock Bass, Picuda, Dorada, Mojarra, Rainbow trout, Tilapia, Carp, Brycons, vampire fish, catfish and more.



Las Cherelas Adventure & Fishing Club
[email protected] [email protected]
Canoas De Punta Sal
Tumbes Peru,
+51 72 283539
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