Dr. Andrew Taylor

Assistant Professor of Fisheries Biology at the University of Central Oklahoma

Andrew was born and raised in Georgia, USA, and enjoyed fishing for the many freshwater fish species that inhabited the diverse waterways near his hometown. His love for fishing and the outdoors led him to earn B.S. and M.S. degrees in fisheries management from the University of Georgia.  Later, Andrew earned his Ph.D. in fisheries and aquatic ecology from Oklahoma State University, where he studied the effects of habitat fragmentation on riverine black bass (genus Micropterus) populations.  Currently, Andrew serves as an Assistant Professor of Fisheries Biology at the University of Central Oklahoma, where he also curates the university's ichthyology collection. In his current role, Andrew teaches, advises, and mentors students in the Biology Department and related programs, engaging both undergraduate and M.S. students in research.

Dr. Taylor's central research focus is fisheries ecology and management. His research lab is particularly interested in the conservation of native fish biodiversity within riverscapes, the effects of non-native and invasive fishes, and the management and conservation of native black bass (genus Micropterus) diversity. The lab applies traditional fisheries science methods, population genetics, and geospatial models to inform conservation and management.

Website:   https://andrewtaylor.fish/

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