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IGFA Launches Passports to Fishing Kits

IGFA Launches Passports to Fishing Kits Hands on learning tools support new youth education initiative

Newly Approved Slam & Trophy Clubs

Newly Approved Slam & Trophy Fish Clubs To see all newly approved IGFA Slams & […]

New Peer-Reviewed Research from the IGFA Great Marlin Race

New Peer-Reviewed Research from the IGFA Great Marlin Race Spearfishes (genus Tetrapturus) are the rarest […]

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Looking ahead the focus of the IGFA is to strengthen and expand IGFA’s global network, establish International Game Fish Angling Day (IGFA Day) on June 7, 2019, teach 100,000 kids to fish, launch three major signature research initiatives – two of them focused on fresh water science and re-establish the IGFA as a leader in recreational angling competitions.

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2 days ago


Six years ago, California angler Chris Wheaton became a member of the IGFA’s 50 lb Dolphinfish Club (Dorado, Mahi-mahi) after submitting this 24.4 kg (53 lb 9 oz) fish he caught in 2012 during the Fishin’ for the Mission tournament, held out of Loreto, Baja, Mexico. Chris’ massive mahi won him that tournament and made him a member of the IGFA 50 lb Dolphinfish Club!

Have you caught a dolphinfish over 50 lb (23 kg) or 50" (130 cm)? Then you could be part of IGFA's Trophy Dolphinfish Club. All catches, past and present are eligible to enter the 50 lb Club as long as the catch can be properly documented and has been caught in accordance with IGFA rules. Please visit to learn more.

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3 days ago


Two years ago today, French angler Daniel Gaillard caught this massive 28 kg (61 lb 12 oz) longfin jack crevalle while fishing in the Loos Islands off of Guinea. This species wasn’t formally described by scientists until 2007 and the IGFA is credited for supplying important information in confirming it as a distinct species of jack crevalle.

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4 days ago


Mexican angler Salvador Aristi potentially set the new All-Tackle Length world record for Pacific cubera snapper with this impressive 120-centimeter fish that he caught and released on March 17, 2019, while fishing Jicaron Island, Panama. Arisiti needed 10 minutes to land the hard-fighting snapper after it crushed the live bonito he was using for bait. The current IGFA world record is 115 centimeters. #fishigfa #joinigfa Panama Sport Fishing Magazine Salt Water Sportsman Magazine Voyages de Pêche BlueWater magazine BD Outdoors Shimano North America Fishing ...

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