The IGFA’s education programs are based on the belief that the sport of angling is an important recreational, economic, and social activity on which the public must be educated to pursue in a manner that aligns with the IGFA’s mission of promoting responsible, ethical angling practices and environmental stewardship so when individual anglers or families venture out on the water, they respect all the aquatic ecosystems while getting excited about the outdoors and creating a crucial connection to nature and many lifelong memories.

Passports to Fishing

Passports to Fishing “clinics in a box” are distributed internationally to facilitate youth angling events.

Online Courses

Free, online fishing education to provide training on basic fishing techniques and the conservation of game fish.

Youth Fishing Camps

Fun, safe and educational fishing camps for young anglers.

Youth Fly Fishers

Building in-person and online resources and partnering with organizations to teach youth to fly fish.

Strategic Partnerships

IGFA is partnering with respected leaders in youth angling education whose curriculum and programs align with the vision and mission of the IGFA.

Thank you to our program supporters