Fly Fishers Programs

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA), in conjunction with Greys, announced a new fly fishing program for junior anglers that launched in the Summer of 2022. Spearheaded by IGFA Trustee and renowned fly angler Andy Mill, this new program has helped young anglers in select locations across the United States learn the joys of fly fishing and the great outdoors. Based on the success of these programs, the IGFA plans to expand the locations of these clinics in the Summer of 2023.

Along with in-person fly fishing programs, the IGFA is also working on creating an online Fly Fishing Basics course as well as building a Passports to Fly Fishing program. These components will broaden the reach of the IGFA’s education programs and get anglers excited to learn more about the world of fly fishing. Please stay tuned for updates on these programs and for more information about the Youth Fly Fishers program, please contact IGFA Education Director Lisa Morse at [email protected].

In-Person Programs

Fly fishing camps and clinics teaching youth and anglers to fly fish.

Fly Fishing Basics

An online course to get you started with fly fishing.

Passports to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing-specific “clinics in a box” will be distributed around the world. Launching in 2024!