IGFA Strengthens its International Network of Representatives

2019 IGFA South America Regional Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The IGFA continues to move forward with its goal of strengthening its international network of Representatives, Members, Clubs and Captains. On April 6, 2019,  IGFA Trustees, Staff, Representatives and Captains from Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Peru, convened in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the IGFA South America Regional Meeting, hosted generously by local IGFA Representative Juan Pablo Gozio.

The setting for this important event was the legendary Club de Pescadores, the oldest fishing club in South America, established in 1903.  Club de Pescadores, a national historic monument of Argentina, its situated on the banks of the Río de la Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The IGFA is honored to be the only organization to have held a meeting at the club’s Presidential Board Room in the Club’s 115-year history.


Meeting attendees discussed new and ongoing IGFA initiatives in their respective locations, and how to best support the sport fishing community as a whole in this region of the world where sport fishing continues to grow in popularity. To accomplish this important work, this meeting marked the first step towards the selection process of an IGFA South America Regional Council, comprised of active members of the IGFA network and sport fishing community in the region.  As of this publication, the nomination process for the South America Regional Council is underway and the new council is scheduled to be announced in early May 2019.

From left to right, Luis Eduardo Gomez Bejarano, Alejandro Linares, Patrick Brown, Ricardo Delgadillo, IGFA President Nehl Horton, Nicolás García Romero, IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser, Nestor Saavedra, Xavier Perez, IGFA Marketing Manager Andy Saldana, Pepe Anton, Luis Rios, Juan Pablo Gozio.



IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser presented on the IGFA’s new freshwater dorado research initiative.

Conservation was also at the center of the event. IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser presented on the IGFA’s new freshwater dorado research initiative, which focuses on improving our knowledge of this iconic South American game fish species. Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis) are one of South America’s most sought-after species by national and international anglers.  However, not much is known about this species’ basic biology and ecology, which may prevent this fishery from being managed sustainably.  To learn more about this species and the fishery, the IGFA, its international network and researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst will be engaging in an ambitious four-year study to explore the population structure of dorado throughout their range to determine the appropriate conservation and management units for this species.  The project will also explore the human dimensions of this fishery to gain insight into angler thoughts, actions and feedback regarding this species, the fishery and how it is managed.

Part of our 80th anniversary initiative is to strengthen the international network of the organization through representatives and captains in each regional council.

As part of our 80th anniversary initiative to strengthen the international network of the organization, IGFA will continue to coordinate these Regional Meeting in other areas of the globe, with the overall goal of eventually establishing a total of seven regional councils in the following regions: Africa, Asia, Central America & Caribbean, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America.  

The IGFA thanks all of those who attended the historic meeting in Buenos Aires, and we are especially grateful  to IGFA Representative Juan Pablo Gozio for hosting the event and for his continued leadership and support in Argentina and beyond. 

IGFA Representative Juan Pablo Gozio, right, with IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser.