2020 IGFA Conservation Award - Kjell Inge Rokke

Kjell Inge Rokke is a highly successful Norwegian businessman that started his illustrious career as a commercial fisherman at the age of 18. In 2017, Rokke pledged to give the bulk of his sizeable net worth back to society. In doing so he founded REV Ocean, a non-profit with one overarching goal: “To make the ocean healthy again.” REV Ocean will enable a new generation of ocean solutions and raise awareness of global impacts on the marine environment. Four interconnected initiatives are being developed under the REV Ocean including the Research Expedition Vessel (REV), the World Ocean Headquarters (WOH), the Ocean Data Platform (ODP) and Plastic REVolution. Rokke’s Research Expedition Vessel can accommodate up to 54 scientists focusing on the following three research priorities: plastic pollution, climate change impacts, and overfishing and the environmental impacts of commercial fishing.