IGFA Representative Federico Hampl – Costa Rica

Born in Costa Rica in 1991, IGFA Representative Federico Hampl’s life-long connection to the oceans and rivers of his home country Costa Rica is inherited from a family with a strong maritime and outdoors heritage. At only five years old, Hampl remembers accompanying his father to the river mouths of Costa Rica looking for snook in the surf, and he has been fishing ever since.   

At age 26, along with other like-minded anglers, Hampl became a founding member of the Costa Rican Association of Fly Fishing (ACPM-CRAFF). Now going on its fourth year, Hampl was the first to organize a fly-fishing only, freshwater tournament in the country. Federico has incorporated much of the IGFA’s mission into the Costa Rican Association of Fly Fishing, promoting a commitment to ethical angling and working with local communities to introduce fly fishing and catch and release practices.

Hampl is an IGFA Lifetime Member and a highly accomplished IGFA World Record holder with more than 25 IGFA World Records to his name, and his first record coming in 1999 when Hampl was only 8 years old. For the Hampls, chasing IGFA World Records is a family affair. Collectively, the Hampl family has set more than 100 IGFA World Records and numerous IGFA Grand Slams.

His early indoctrination to the sport and the vast experience he’s gained from having fished almost every country in Latin America, both in freshwater and saltwater, has proven highly valuable with his work as an IGFA Representative. Working closely with local recreational angling and conservation organizations, Hampl has organized multiple river cleanups and conservation projects for the betterment of freshwater and saltwater fisheries in Costa Rica. Hampl has also hosted the crews of several scientific initiatives on his family’s boat, Kamila, to deploy satellite tags on billfish and collect specimens for scientific studies in local universities.

With the recent formation of the IGFA Central America & Caribbean Regional Council, Hampl has taken a leadership role as the chairman of the Rules & Recognition Committee, a position he is well-suited for given his extensive experience chasing IGFA World Records and Slams. Hampl has also volunteered to host the 2020 IGFA Central America & Caribbean Regional Meeting, which will be held in Costa Rica later this year.

Hampl is also an avid photographer and videographer documenting his fishing and his family's exploits through the lens. View his work at www.timingtides.com.

The IGFA thanks Federico Hampl for his support as an IGFA Representative and for his lifelong dedication to sport fishing and game fish conservation.