Learning to Fish in 2020 

Not knowing how to get started is one of the main reasons why people do not go fishing. Have you or someone you know wanted to learn, but did not know where to start? The IGFA can help.


In 2019, as part of IGFA’s initiative to educate 100,000 youth around the world to fish, the IGFA developed a series of online fishing modules and put them into one Intro to Fishing course that can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This free, online resource can help combat some of the hurdles that deter people from learning how to fish.


The IGFA's free online modules can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.


Learn what fish are, where they live, how to catch them, and how to do so responsibly.

Visit the website to see the available modules.

The IGFA Intro to Fishing course takes participants through six interactive lessons: The Fish, The Habitat, The Basics, The Ethical Angler, and The IGFA. The course also contains additional and exciting information about the aquatic world, angling and boating, and the importance of environmental stewardship from established IGFA education partners such as the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Take Me Fishing, Plano, Costa, and Mercury Marine.

Ideally, the IGFA would like to see youth spending more time outdoors with a rod and reel in their hands. Even though these learning modules are online, they are a fun and interactive way to inspire these anglers to pick up a rod, get outside, and go fishing. Parents, please join your young students and go through the chapters together. Then, go fishing as a family! It’s a great way to experience nature, create memories, and spend time together in the great outdoors.

Taya, Age 9 from Hollywood, Florida, USA first learns how to rig natural baits during a fishing clinic at the IGFA Headquarters.

She then took her new skills outside where she successfully caught an Oscar on a circle hook with bread.

All it takes is an email and a password to sign up for Intro to Fishing and, of course, some time to complete the modules. These modules are designed for youth or any beginner to the sport and are broken down into different chapters. So, take your time, complete the modules at your leisure, and plan some time to get out on the water and go fishing in 2020!

To  learn more about the IGFA’s online fishing modules, please contact Lisa Morse, IGFA’s Youth Education Manager at [email protected].

Intro to Fishing and Sign Up https://learn-to-fish.igfa.org/courses/intro-to-fishing

Thank you to our partners in education!