Newly Approved IGFA World Records

To see all newly approved IGFA World Records since April 2020,  please view this PDF.

Triana's Pacific Bonefish

On January 29, 2020, Dennis Triana caught this beautiful 4.54-kilogram (10-pound) Pacific bonefish to set the new IGFA Men’s 3-kg (6 lb) Line Class World Record. Dennis was wade-fishing around the flats of Honolulu, Hawaii when he spotted the trophy bone tailing and casted a live crab its way. After an epic 20-minute battle of chasing the bonefish around the flats with a broken toe, faceplanting in the water, and opening the bail to prevent fraying on a mangrove, Dennis finally landed his new record. This was a successful trip where Dennis also set the 4-lb and 8-lb Pacific bonefish records in two days of fishing. All three bonefish were quickly released after documenting the catches.

Sherbovich's Snubnose Pompano

Russian angler Ilya Sherbovich added another fly-fishing record to his resume with this beautiful 3.4-kilogram (7-pound, 8-ounce) snubnose pompano (Indo-Pacific permit) that set the new IGFA Men’s 4-kg (8 lb) Tippet Class World Record. Ilya was fishing the Seychelles Islands and landed the record pompano in 15 minutes after it struck an Alphlexo Crab fly he was casting.  Ilya and the team quickly measured and weighed the snubnose pompano and released it to fight another day.


Weston's Sorubim

Although it’s home to the largest golden dorado on record, La Zona, Argentina, can produce some of the biggest sorubim, as well. On February 24, 2020, Art Weston set the new IGFA All-Tackle Length record for sorubim with this massive 127-centimeter fish. Art was drifting live bait and landed the record catch after a 15-minute fight. This was just one of the several records he caught on the trip, all of which were released. 


Lee's Gourami

Khoo Wee Lee was fishing the East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia, and caught this amazing 6.12-kilogram (13-pound, 8-ounce) giant Borneo gourami to set the first IGFA All-Tackle Record for this species. He was tossing an OSP Blitz Max lure in the river when the gourami came up and smashed it boat-side. After taking the required pictures and measurements from shore, the fish was released back into the river.

La Fond's Pacific Bonito

On February 29, 2020, Natalie La Fond set her very first IGFA World Record with this respectable 4.9-kilogram (10-pound, 13-ounce) Pacific bonito. Natalie was fishing with her family on South 9 Mile Bank, San Diego, California, and landed the record bonito in 10 minutes after it struck her Shimano Coltsniper jig. Congratulations, Natalie, on your first of hopefully many IGFA World Records!