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Z-Man® ChatterBait® JackHammer™ StealthBlade™

The new Z-Man JackHammer StealthBlade adds an exciting new chapter to the book of the bladed jig. The driving force behind the patented new ChatterBait design, a clear polycarbonate blade produces a different sound and vibration, but like its predecessor, starts thumping intensely with the first half-turn of the reel handle. The blade’s specialized oval split-ring increases stealth and offers less surface area and no protrusions to catch vegetation or other snags. Armed with a lighter wire, custom Decoy® fluorine nanocoated hook, the StealthBlade can be cast on a slightly lighter line and penetrate the jaws of bass with less hook-setting effort. To preserve the StealthBlade’s high-level, ultra-durable JackHammer heritage and performance, silicone skirts are hand-tied with stainless steel wire. The StealthBlade’s low center of gravity and fish-shaped head tracks true and skips easily. Available in 3/8- and ½-ounce sizes in six pro-crafted colors.

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Rapala Rap-V Crankbait

Super-fast and tight. That's the vibration signature of the Rapala® Rap-V Blade Crankbait, but it's not the whole story. This aggressive hybrid wastes no time in getting down to business, with instant start-up on the lift when fished vertical, or the retrieve when fished horizontally. The incredible flash it generates is accompanied by a sharp, extra-loud BB rattle system; every fish in the area will know the V-Blade has arrived. Built on a metal frame with a durable plastic body featuring internal scale detail and metallic flash foil, this fun-to-fish vibrating bait features two topside line ties with an interlock snap for versatile action and easy connection. The Rap-V is fitted with a snag-resistant VMC® double hook at the belly and a VMC round-bend treble at the rear. 

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Power-Pole Ultra-lite and Heavy-duty Spike

Introducing the all-new Power-Pole Ultra-lite Spike and Power-Pole Heavy-duty Spike. Regardless of your fishing style, these new spikes deliver a strong and secure hold for kayaks and paddleboards, as well as bay boats and skiffs.

The Ultra-lite Spike won’t weigh down your smaller vessels and can secure most canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and boats up to 1,500 pounds, and is available in 6-foot. and 8-foot lengths.

If you’re looking for a spike with a stronger hold, the Power-Pole Heavy-duty Spike is the answer. This spike comes in an 8.5 ft. model and delivers a powerful hold for flats boats, bay boats, bass boats, aluminum boats, and pontoon boats. 

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Work Sharp WSGFS221 Guided Field Sharpener

The Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener is the complete knife sharpener for the field, home, or shop use. It is the first angle guided five-stage sharpening kit designed for sportsmen and women who need a complete, robust, and compact field sharpening solution. The Guided Field Sharpener system includes one coarse diamond plate, one fine diamond plate, one large ceramic rod with three positions (coarse, fine, and fish hook grooves), one small ceramic rod, one micro-abrasive leather strop, and a broadhead wrench. The 20Á and 25Á sharpening guides create consistent blade edge angles to sharpen with speed, ease, and repeatability. Strong rare earth magnets secure the interchangeable diamond plates and also provide coverage for the broadhead wrench and small storage compartment. The compact design and lanyard hole make it easy to carry on your next outdoor adventure. The Work Sharp also accommodates serrated knives, fish hooks, broadheads, and many common camp tools. It also includes a detailed user's guide inside the tool, under the diamond plate for convenient storage. For more information

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PowerPro Depth-Hunter Offshore

Step up your offshore fishing game with PowerPro’s new Depth-Hunter Offshore. This innovative multi-colored braided fishing line utilizes a repeating pattern of five colors — blue, yellow, red, green and orange — that change every 100 feet for anglers to accurately gauge the amount of line let off the reel when deep-dropping or deploying baits and lures in a trolling spread. Depth-Hunter Offshore features PowerPro’s patented Enhanced Body Technology™ and provides the benefits of a high strength-to-diameter ratio with minimal stretch to provide outstanding sensitivity for increased strike detection and hook-setting performance. PowerPro’s new Depth-Hunter Offshore multi-colored braided fishing line is available in 65-, 80- and 130-pound test in spools of 1,000, 1,500 and 3,000 yards.

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Savage Gear Mackstick Deep Diver

Perfect for trolling at speeds of up to 10 knots to reach depths of up to 30 feet, the Savage Gear Mackstick Deep Diver is a fantastic addition to any blue water troller's arsenal. These rugged trolling baits feature a thru-wired construction around a reinforced body and lip for superior toughness. Equipped with 6X strong treble hooks, the Mackstick Deep Diver is prepared to target the heavy hitters straight out of the package. These trolling plugs are available in a variety of popular color patterns that mimic a variety of common forage species up and down the coast, allowing you to dial in the perfect presentation for your region. 

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