Say NO to AB 3030!

The International Game Fishing Association requests that you express concern over recent legislature in the State of California known as the AB 3030 bill. This bill seeks to protect 30% of California’s state waters and lands, with the overall goal of protecting 30% of the entire country’s oceans by the year 2030. The AB 3030 bill has recently cleared the California State Assembly and now awaits the state Senate.

While the IGFA is founded upon our commitment to conservation and sustainable recreational fishing, as it is currently worded, AB 3030 could implement new, arbitrarily selected marine protected areas where all use would be potentially banned, including access to recreational fishing.

The IGFA believes conservation and management actions, such as the implementation of marine protected areas, should be based on sound science. Additionally, the IGFA does not support the limitation or exclusion of recreational fishing from any region without sufficient evidence of negative ecosystem impacts, which have not been provided in support of the AB 3030 bill.

The IGFA is extremely concerned at the broad, sweeping nature of this bill, national implications, and the swiftness with which it has passed through the legislative system without sufficient opportunity for opposition.

As such, the IGFA and our partners at the American Sportfishing Association are requesting your input to protect recreational fishing opportunities in California by contacting your Senator via this link today and urging them to oppose AB 3030 as it currently stands.