Newly Approved Slam & Trophy Fish Clubs

To see all newly approved IGFA Slams & Trophy Fish clubs since November, 2020 please view this PDF.

Triana's Bass Grand Slam

Longtime IGFA supporter and World Record holder Dennis Triana recently submitted an IGFA Bass Grand Slam to add to his impressive angling resume. Although it was completed back in 2011 while fishing Lake Erie, Triana was able to document his catches of largemouth, smallmouth, and rock bass to register his slam. Congratulations, Dennis!

Nathan's Inshore Grand Slam

Here is another reminder that there are no time limits on registering your IGFA Slam & Trophy Club applications! Jorde Nathan had an incredible day of fishing off Salinas, Cuba, in November of 2018. He was able to complete an IGFA Inshore Grand Slam on the fly with some impressive fish. Along with the bonefish, tarpon, and permit that scored him the slam, he also caught a mutton snapper and barracuda all on the fly! Congratulations Jorde, on an incredible day on the flats!