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New Rapala 7" Elite Pliers

The new Rapala® Elite Pliers are armed by Cerakote® which is a high performance, lightweight coating that protects against abrasion, corrosion and ultraviolet rays. The internal “Mag Spring” keeps jaws open and ready, while flip the switch and “Mag Lock” tightly secures jaws for safe storage. Hybrid jaws have inter-locking front teeth that insure a lock-tight clasp on hooks. The flat area in back is built for gripping line and leaders and the carbide cutters are replaceable and will cut all braid, monofilament, fluorocarbon line along with light 15-pound wire.

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Costa Blackfin Pro Series Sunglasses

An enhanced version of one of Costa’s most trusted and well-loved frames, the Blackfin PRO builds off the original look, polarized lens and fit with six new angler-approved additions to keep you on the water longer. Along with a vented and fully-adjustable nose pad for a custom fit, sweat channels and eyewire drains will help keep your vision clear, while side shields, hooding, new stickier Hydrolite® and metal keeper slots keep your frames and your focus locked in.

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YETI Crossroads Collection

Yeti’s new Crossroads® Duffels, Luggage and Backpacks are both water and abrasion-resistant for worry-free workdays and weekends. The unifying factor in all these (except the packing cubes) is Yeti's Tuffskin Nylon, a rugged and water-resistant fabric that's previously been used for safety gear and motorcycle equipment, among other things. Another common element is a degree of organization on equal footing with that durability. The 60-liter duffel, for instance, comes with removable dividers and a zippered pocket in its lid, while the 27-liter backpack boasts a long list of features, including a padded laptop sleeve, exterior compression straps, internal water bottle pockets, a wide opening and multiple small zippered pockets. The rolling luggage bag has plenty of organizational features, too, and even comes with packing cubes included.

All in all, the revamped Crossroads Collection includes several bags, plus packing cubes in three sizes. There are 22-, 27- and 35-liter backpacks, 40- and 60-liter duffels, and 22- and 29-inch rolling suitcases.

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Z-Man Eye Strike Chatterbait Jig

Even the laziest of bass simply can't resist attacking when you drag the Z-Man® Eye Strike ChatterBait® Jighead through their lair. A stainless steel hex-shaped ChatterBlade® connects directly to the head to maximize vibration, while large 3D eyes give fish a big target to key in on. The heavy-duty Mustad® UltraPoint® hook pierces tough lips with ease, while dual keeper barbs hold trailers securely. The Z-Man Eye Strike ChatterBait Jighead boasts a strong line tie to boot.

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Savage Gear 3D Weedless Shrimp

Rigged and ready to fish, the Savage Gear® 3D Weedless Shrimp works easily through inshore cover and debris to pull aggressive strikes from hungry sea trout, flounder, redfish, and more. Its fixed jig hook is equipped with a double fluorocarbon weedguard that's strong enough to avoid hang-ups, but flexible enough to enable positive hooksets on even the lightest strikes. The unique, scent-infused Duratech body is soft but very strong; the legs flutter on the fall and sit upright on the bottom for an incredibly realistic look that game fish can't resist. The shrimp features a long-cast design with built-in rattle and specially balanced to always run true, even at high retrieve speeds.

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