The IGFA Expands Release-Based Record Category

The IGFA All-Tackle Length program now offers a specific fly fishing category

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) announced the addition of a fly-fishing category for its All-Tackle Length record program; a record program that requires the potential record catch to be released alive.

The IGFA All-Tackle Length Record program was launched a decade ago in 2011 and there are currently 117 eligible species for this program in both fresh and saltwater, chosen specifically for their ability to be safely handled and released alive.

Until this recent change there had only been one category for this program, which did not differentiate between conventional and fly-caught fish. Due to the growing popularity of this program and the request from numerous IGFA constituents, the IGFA is expanding this popular program by adding a fly fishing category, therefore creating both conventional and fly fishing categories within the IGFA All-Tackle Length record program.

“Since 1939 the IGFA has recognized outstanding angling achievements and set the standard for angling rules and world record catches,” said IGFA President Jason Schratwieser. “With the expansion of the released-based All-Tackle Length record category to fly fishing, we will continue to make participation in the IGFA’s angler recognition programs more relevant to anglers around the world.” 

Official IGFA Measuring DeviceTo qualify for the fly fishing category, the catch must comply with IGFA International Fly Fishing Rules and the heaviest class tippet permitted is 10-kg (20-lb). Any current All-Tackle Length World Records caught on fly tackle that is IGFA-legal will be automatically transferred to the fly category, therefore creating a new vacancy in the conventional category. The minimum lengths for the eligible species will not change and are the same for both conventional and fly-caught fish. The minimum lengths can be found here.

Additional details of these recent changes are listed below. For more information or specific questions, please contact IGFA Angler Recognition Coordinator Zack Bellapigna at [email protected] or 954-924-4247.