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YETI Thin Ice

YETI THIN™ ICE is a groundbreaking innovation designed to be nearly 50% slimmer than the original YETI ICE™ and engineered to completely replace the need for regular ice inside your Hopper® Soft Coolers and Daytrip® Lunch Bag and Box. That way, you don’t have to choose between saving space and keeping your goods fresh for as long as possible. Even more, it’s built to be lightweight so you won’t feel held back when you’re trekking through puddles or hiking up hills.


YETI THIN™ ICE 0.5 lb - 5" x 3.625" x 0.9"

YETI THIN™ ICE 1 lb - 7.25" x 5" x 0.9"

YETI THIN™ ICE 2 lb - 10" x 7.25" x 0.9"

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Plano Fishing Atlas Tackle Pack

The new Plano Atlas Tackle Pack is a durable tackle-carrying solution that combines the strength of a hard-sided tackle box with the lightweight portability of a soft-sided tackle bag. This innovative design is loaded with features that make it an ultra-efficient and a one-of-a-kind entrant in its class. It starts with a sturdy, skid-resistant and waterproof base. The body of the pack is surrounded by ultra-durable EVA panels for a rock-solid foundation and premium protection, which allows the pack to stand up and keep its form even when empty, while ultra-comfortable padded shoulder straps help distribute the weight.

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Costa’s New Untangled Collection Santiago Sunglasses

Continuing to put its mission into action by building products with purpose, Costa is announcing the next generation of The Untangled Collection, sunglasses built from recycled fishing nets.

The Santiago Untangled Collection frame style with the most coverage and “fishability” takes its name from Chile’s capital. Hooding and side shields help keep your eyes free from light leak and focused on the water. The keeper-ready temples and Hydrolite® rubber grips are designed to keep you fishing no matter how rough it gets out there. And to ensure a future full of fish, Santiago is made from 97% recycled fishing nets. The other 3% is a performance additive that is designed to help you catch 100% of the fish you chase. Santiago is as good for fishing as it is for our oceans.

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Danco Premio AI Pliers

Driven by artificial intelligence, Danco has utilized generative design to create the most innovative fishing plier in the world. This plier is 60% lighter than other titanium pliers and built to withstand 500 pounds of force. Premio AI is impossible to design by a human alone, thus re-writing product design as we know it. Through the partnership with Don Shumacher Racing and their expertise in manufacturing, Danco can confidently say their AI designed titanium plier is beyond innovation. Each plier is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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GLoomis NRX+ T2S Fly Rod

You don’t pick tournament days, tournament days pick you. While factors like wind, tide, and light can’t be controlled, angler performance can. With leaderboard glory on the line, clear a path to victory with tools forged to crush common variables. Designed for apex saltwater fly anglers, the NRX+ T2S series boasts a unique fusion of materials, technology, and innovative design. Increasing the casting distance “sweet spot”, Dynamic Recovery Technology provides the power, line speed, and loop stability expected from modern fast-action rods without compromising “feel” and finesse in the short game. An all-new, two-piece “Tournament Configuration” offers one-piece performance with the convenience of compact transportability. A functional aesthetic feature completes the package with a glare-cutting, aggressive matte black finish, specifically chosen to boost boat side eats from wary targets.

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Hooker Electric Live Bait Tuna Tube Bucket

Hooker Electric’s Complete Portable Live Bait System doesn’t require complicated plumbing to keep the recirculation system running optimally. The patent-pending live bait system operates on simple principles. The internal submersible water pump cycles the water inside a five-gallon bucket. The water flows over the tubes and back down into the bucket, resulting in the water being cooled and aerated. The design bleeds off any air bubbles to ensure the bait stays lively and survives hours of fishing.

The fabrication consists of non-corrosive material. All components are serviceable and the tuna tubes are removable. The live bait system includes six feet of electrical cable that conveys 12V DC, drawing less than two amps. The Hooker Electric bucket includes a non-skid grip base and the white surface reflects heat to help keep the bait cooler. The motor can be adapted to a variety of electrical connector options. Combined with a five-gallon bucket half-filled with water, the total package weighs in at approximately 27 pounds. Fits most five-gallon buckets (10.25-inch base to 10.5-inch base).

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Berkley PowerBait Gilly

The PowerBait® Gilly is Pro Designed by Bassmaster Classic® Champion Mike “IKE” Iaconelli. Japanese influenced design provides an unbelievably natural presentation in shape, color, and action. The hollow head allows for easy crushing on strikes and helps to orient the bait in an upright posture when swimming. Rig verticle with weightless rigging, sideways as a Texas rig, on a Jig Head, with a Weighted swimbait hook, Line-through Stinger Hook rig, or even on a Drop Shot. Jam-packed with PowerBait flavor , it ensures you have the best chance to set the hook on every bite! Available in HD Tru Colors and standard injected colors

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SavageGear Duratech Crab

Excelling at scenarios where predatory fish are feeding on crustaceans, the Duratech crab delivers Hyper-realistic details in our custom Duratech formulation that adds the perfect amount of buoyancy with extreme durability. Equipped with a 3X black nickel high carbon steel hook to provide excellent strength and penetration on hooksets capable of handling large predatory game fish and it’s embedded weight keeps the center of gravity low and makes. Scent infused with SavagGear's crab scent formulation, the Duratech Crab has every feature needed to ensure game fish think it’s the real thing.

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