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Carbon Marine Heavy Duty Push-pole Ferrule Repair Kit

The Heavy-Duty Push-pole Ferrule Repair kit from Carbon Marine contains a double-thickness ferrule (.110 inches), installation instructions, and all of the materials required for repairing a broken push-pole, with the exception of a cutting tool and a solvent for cleaning up after the install. This ferrule kit fits all push-poles with a 1.25-inch inside diameter.

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New Costa Spearo Sunglasses

Drenched in the same style and spirit as the original, adventure now comes to new, larger life in the Spearo XL. Dive in and take hold of your day with all the features you need: Hydrolite® nose pads, integral CAM hinges and nonslip temple tips deliver optimal comfort. No matter what you have on deck, the Spearo XL is ready.

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PowerBait® Agent E

The PowerBait® Agent E is the latest creation from Bassmaster Classic® and MLF Bass Pro Tour Champion Edwin Evers. The bottom-dwelling Agent E swimbait has an ultra-low center of gravity and skids along the bottom to imitate lifelike bottom-dwelling prey. The built-in rattle provides that extra enticement for extra strikes, and Edwin's custom designed hook-keeper sheds the nastiest grass and debris while easily collapsing to hook the slightest bites. The side-to-side kicking action drives attention even at the slowest speeds as it skids, crawls, hops, and slides its way in the hardest to reach places.

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Sharkbanz Zeppelin Shark Deterrent

Using a patented magnetic technology researched and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz Fishing tackle overwhelms a shark’s electroreception, creating a highly unpleasant sensation that can stop the ocean’s “taxman” in his tracks – protecting your catch, gear, and good time on the water. The Zeppelin's compact design minimizes drag and can be used to replace the sinker on your rig. Sharkbanz tackle does not harm sharks or repel other fish, yet it has been proven effective for bottom fishing where sharks are prevalent.

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Shimano Nasci FC

The new Nasci series of spinning reels answers the call for anglers demanding smoothness and durability in multiple fishing applications. Suitable in both freshwater and inshore saltwater environments, Nasci spinning reels feature CoreProtect technology to increase durability and water resistance without creating an additional heavy rotational feeling. The Shimano cold-forged HAGANE Gear technology provides unparalleled gear durability compared to reels with diecast or machined gear construction. SilentDrive — the same technology found in Shimano's flagship lineup of reels — increases gear tolerances to a micron level to reduce unnecessary noise and vibration for increased reeling performance. Engineered to perform with Shimano quality and attention to detail, the newly redesigned series of Nasci spinning reels will perform when needed most.

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Anglers' Best Livewell Buddy

Even tournament anglers will find the Anglers' Best Livewell Buddy indispensable. As collapsible fish baskets go, it's easily the most versatile option out there. Because the netting is made of flexible silicone mesh, it helps keep your catch in peak condition when traveling between spots or to the weigh-in. The open design allows the fish to swim freely, but prevents hard contact with the livewell walls. The Livewell Buddy is great for quickly retrieving your catch from the livewell, and a smart way to keep larger baitfish at the ready as well. Meanwhile, anytime you could use a quiet floating fish basket to hold your catch, whether fishing from a watercraft, from the shore, or while wading, the Livewell Buddy provides a convenient, durable solution.

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