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Celebrate the New Year with Bodo Muche’s Anglers’ Collection

Explore Bodo Muche’s Angler’s collection. For those who are passionate about the oceans and marine life, the bronze sculptures of Bodo Muche will hold special significance. The sculptures of Bodo Muche are found in private and public collections internationally and continue to inspire generations of anglers. The studio maintains long and close collaborations with sustainable conservation organizations such as the IGFA. Several of Bodo’s iconic works are displayed at IGFA Headquarters.

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Nomad Design Vertrex Max Vibe Jigs

The unique profile of the Vertrex Max Vibe lure combines finely tuned internal weights that deliver a soft vibration and does not spin when sinking, which allows you to get down to the fish faster. The deeper body design, combined with its shape, creates huge vibration at fast or slow speeds and it's what sets the Nomad Design Vertrex MAX apart from all other soft vibration lures. The Nomad Design Vertrex MAX features a full wire internal construction for extra strength, and is fitted with the super strong BKK hooks so you can fish it straight out of the box. Ideal for stop, start retrieves, slow roll retrieves, or faster wind retrieves.

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Z-Man Chatterbait MiniMax Compact Bladed Jig

The Z-Man® Chatterbait MiniMax™ Compact Bladed Jig offers the action of a crankbait, the profile of a jig, and the flash of a spinnerbait with a smaller profile and more-subtle action than that of its big brother. The downsized, hex-shaped stainless ChatterBlade® swims erratically like wounded prey, with plenty of vibration to draw in fringe feeders. Premium construction details on the Chatterbait MiniMax include a patented direct head-to-blade connection, wire-tied silicone skirt, heavy-duty 2/0 black-nickel hook, and dual molded conical keeper barbs to securely hold soft plastic trailers.

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Taco Marine ShadeFin

Add an extra layer of sun protection with ShadeFin by TACO Marine – a new product that easily attaches into rod holders, tops and gunnels for convenient, portable shade for almost any boat. ShadeFin’s ocean-inspired design provides expanded shade coverage for multiple areas of the boat, including fore, aft and sides of tops or anywhere there is a rod holder. ShadeFin’s fabric provides an excellent UPF 50+ rating of sun protection while boating and fishing, or when relaxing at the dock and sand bar. To anticipate the needs of many boaters, ShadeFin pairs with either a fixed or adjustable rod holder mount, which inserts into any standard T-top rod holder or into a gunnel rod holder with an adapter. ShadeFin’s are offered in black or white.

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SIMMS Flyweight Pliers

The Simms® Flyweight Pliers come with a holster that attaches to 5.11® HEXGRID, MOLLE webbing, 38mm wading belts, or suspender straps so you always have them close at hand. The pliers feature anodized aluminum construction with stainless steel jaws and cutters that pair lightweight convenience with rugged performance. The ergonomic shape fits any angler's hands and can be used with a variety of grips. The textured jaws are ideal for crimping split shot or flattening barbs, while the built-in cutters make short work of monofilament or fluorocarbon tippet. 5.75"L x 2"W. Weight: 4.25 oz.

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YETI Rambler 30oz Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid

Bring on the potholes, quick turns, and backcountry roads because this behemoth travel mug holds enough caffeine for even the biggest coffee drinkers. With an elevated handle and cupholder compatible design, it makes mornings on the road that much easier. Plus, its leak-resistant Stronghold™ Lid easily rotates to fasten for both right-and left-handed users —meaning your daily fuel will stay put when you’re on the go. And since both this travel mug and its lid are dishwasher safe, all you have to do is kick up your feet after a well-traveled day.
Please Note: The Stronghold™ Lid is specially made for the Rambler® 30 oz. Travel Mug and won’t fit other Rambler® Drinkware models. The Travel Mug Stronghold™ Lid has 4 placement options and plays nice with both righties and lefties, just like all our Rambler® Drinkware.

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