2021 IGFA Tommy Gifford Awards Wrap-up

On March 24, 2022, after being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the angling world gathered to celebrate the 2021 class of IGFA Tommy Gifford Award recipients in South Florida. The event was held during the 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show and honored fishing legends Ben DeGutis, Roger Greene, Peter Groesbeck, Andrew Mezirow, Skip Smith, and Tony Tillett.

“The 2021 recipients of the IGFA Tommy Gifford Award represent some of the most innovative, influential, and respected captains of their time,” stated IGFA President Jason Schratwieser. “We are honored to acknowledge their impact on sport fishing and we thank everyone who joined us in this incredible celebration.”

All Tommy Gifford Award recipients are selected by the IGFA Legendary Captains & Crew Committee, a distinguished panel of internationally renowned captains and mates chaired by Captain Skip Smith. Previous awardees include Jose Wejebe, Allen and Buddy Merritt, Ron Hamlin, Charles Perry, Ralph Delph, Laurie Wright, Jimmie Albright, Bouncer Smith, Steve Lassley, Bubba Carter, R.T. Trosset, Billy Knowles and more.

The namesake of the award, Tommy Gifford (1896-1970) is considered one of the most innovative blue water anglers who ever lived, and one of the greatest charter skippers to guide anglers to the world’s most iconic marine game fishes. During his 50-year career, he developed an encyclopedic knowledge of game fish and techniques to catch them, and he served as guide and consultant to some of the most famous names in saltwater angling, including Ernest Hemingway, Michael Lerner, Charlie Lehman, and Van Campen Heilner.

If you could not attend, then please enjoy the recording of the event.

Captains Peter Groesbeck, Skip Smith, Tony Tillet, Ben DeGutis, with Tracy Greene, Trenton Greene, Captain Andy Mezirow, and Travis Greene.

IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher, Captain Ben DeGutis, Legendary Captain and Crew Committee Vice Chairman Captain Karl Anderson

Trenton Greene, Travis Greene, Tracy Greene, and Captain Karl Anderson accepting the award for Captain Roger Greene.

IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher, Captain Peter Groesbeck and Captain Karl Anderson.

IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher, Captain Andy Mezirow and Captain Karl Anderson.

IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher, Captain Skip Smith and Captain Karl Anderson.

IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher, Captain Tony Tillett, and Captain Karl Anderson.

Legendary Captains and Crew Committee
Top Row: Bouncer Smith, Karl Anderson, Bobby Brown, Skip Smith, Jack Marrow, Bark Garnsey
Bottom Row: Charles Perry, Gary Stuve, Billy Harrison
Not in photo: Steve Lassley, Mike Myatt, Laurie Wright, Peter Wright