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Costa's New Lido Sunglasses

Recognizing that every pair of sunglasses makes an environmental impact, the Costa Del Mar Lido Sunglasses frames are built sustainably using a proprietary bio-resin material made from castor bean plant resin to create a smaller carbon footprint.

Vented and fully adjustable hydrolite nose pads and temples provide a customizable fit that helps reduce fogging with sweat channels and eyewire drains to keep you cool and your vision clear. Preventing light from leaking in with top hooding and side shields, the Costa Del Mar Lido Sunglasses will keep you on the water longer with a design that is perfect for fishing, surfing, and marine activities. 

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Rapala's New BX Mid Brat

Badly behaved and always looking for a fight, the new 2.5” BX® Mid Brat is one tough little cookie. This brash, ill-tempered Balsa Extreme squarebill crankbait always comes out looking for a fight, and more often than not, it finds one. It absolutely cannot stay still, due to its super-buoyant balsa inner core armored with a rugged copolymer shell; every retrieve is incredibly aggressive, with a hard flashing, wild tracking attitude that seems to enrage every bass it encounters. You don't even need to crash stumps – although that's a great idea if there are some around — as the BX Brat's errant swimming style provides plenty of kick-out moves on its own. Modified flat-side design with V-cut belly for perfect hook ride; fitted with #6 VMC® black-nickel round bend hooks.

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Gambler Lures New Slim EZ Swimbait

Designed to offer anglers the swimbait version of a traditional swimming worm, the Gambler Slim EZ Swimbaits pack all the great features of the Gambler EZ Swimbait family into a slimmed-down profile. The perfect tool for navigating over, around, and through cover, the EZ Slims’ slender body style and finesse boot tail work in tandem to better negotiate snaggy vegetation while still providing plenty of heavy thumping action thanks to the segmented body. Delivering powerful action with a streamlined profile, the Gambler Slim EZ Swimbaits make easy work of calling in your water’s biggest predators.

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Boat Outfitters New Five Gallon Bucket Top Cutting Board Insert

Easily turn your five-gallon bucket into a cutting board with this convenient insert. The insert fits most standard five gallon buckets and is made from durable King Starboard.

The bucket insert measures 12” in diameter and has an integrated knife holder. There is also an ergonomic inset handle to easily remove cutting board as well as pass waste into the bucket below.

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