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New “I’m Not Done Yet” book by Captain Bouncer Smith

Retirement should be anything but a Tuesday night bridge game and Thursday morning shuffleboard. Retirement is an opportunity to continue checking boxes on that old bucket list. I’m Not Done Yet is a continuation of the stories of Captain Bouncer Smith’s exciting life as a professional fisherman. Captain Bouncer did not slow down just because he stopped chartering. If anything he sped up. Friends in the sport fishing industry have been waiting years for the opportunity to invite him along, to drop a line overboard, or to listen to the fishing adventures he has experienced with some of the greatest names in sport fishing in the world. He may have slowed down in his gait, but he has not slowed down one bit when he has a rod in his hands. Captain Bouncer is driven to continue a journey he began nearly seventy years ago. His enthusiasm for fishing continues to burn white-hot, or as he says, “I’m not done yet!”

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Costa’s New Tuna Alley PRO & Reefton PRO Sunglasses

It only takes one small change to catch more fish. So Costa added six, making the already legendary Tuna Alley and Reefton sunglass frames even more advanced. In addition to their polarized, color-enhancing 580® lenses, Tuna Alley PRO and Reefton PRO feature sweat channels and eye wire drains, side shields and hooding to help keep light and heat out. The ventilated nose pads are fully adjustable for a customizable fit, and improved, lighter Hydrolite® temples make these frames ultra-comfortable to wear.

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R&R Tackle's Innovative Bait Tube

Introducing an innovative method of holding and preserving your live baits for fast deployment. Each live bait tube set holds three individual baits with none of the usual leader tangles that inevitably occur with hooked baits swimming in a well or bucket. The tube has convenient bridle needle holes built into the face of the tube and can be easily attached to a smooth surface with suction cups or bracketed with a three-piece adjustable arm. Each set is fed by a ½-inch water supply attachment that provides ample water flow to keep baits lively and ready to cast.

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Nomad Design’s New Slipstream Flying Fish Lure

The Nomad Design’s Slipstream Flying Fish offers a perfect high-skipping imitation of one of the favorite delicacies of saltwater predators, the flying fish. You can cast it, troll it, or run it off a kite and it works with almost any rigging. The unique folding wings allow for long-distance casting and reduced water drag during the fight. It’s through-body design allows inline rigging, that enables the body to slide up and out of the way after the hookset. A built-in hook channel keeps the Slipstream's hardware out of sight, but in position for the hookset. The replaceable wings, tail fin, and side fins (replacement Wing Sets not included) add color-changing versatility. The maximum trolling speed is 8-9 knots.

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On The Fly Fly-Rod Holder

Travel effortlessly with your favorite fly rods using the On The Fly Fly-Rod Holder! It magnetically attaches to any vehicle and can be placed on the roof, hood, or side, so you can carry rigged and ready rods at speeds up to 30 MPH to easily move from one spot to another. A multi-saddle design fits most models of fly rods and reels. Soft, closed-cell foam securely holds your pole in place, and a heavy-duty, beaded shock cord can be used to lock the reel in. UV-resistant and weatherproof ABS-plastic construction stands up to seasons of use.

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