IGFA Europe & Mediterranean Regional Council Meeting

Top from left to right: IGFA Representatives Endrik Tonsberg, Owen Mc Intyre, Jules Selles, Bill François, Andre Montocchio, Pete Hill, Pierre Affre, Gianluca Paravizzini, Gregory Tordjeman. Bottom from left to right: IGFA Marketing Director Jack Vitek, IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher, IGFA President Jason Schratwieser, IGFA Trustee Massimo Brogna, and IGFA Marketing Manager Andy Saldana.


On Saturday, July 2, the IGFA held its 2022 Europe & Mediterranean Regional meeting in Paris, France. IGFA Trustees, Representatives, Captains and Members from Estonia, Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States met to review the Council’s activities in this important region of the world over the past year, and to solidify their action plan for 2023.

During the event two new officers were appointed to help further the work of the Council:

Bill François – Conservation Committee Chair

Bill François is a biophysicist, writer, artist, and angler from France. He is passionate about protecting gamefish through science and recreational fishing. He coordinated several tagging programs to involve sport fishermen in the protection of bluefin tuna. Today, he is in charge of conservation and education at the Monaco Sport Fishing Federation, and also leads science public outreach projects to raise awareness about marine conservation.


Pete Hill – Rules & Recognition Committee Member

Pete Hill has worked most of his life as a fishing expedition guide around the globe. Living in Scotland has given him access to one of the world's premiere locations for Atlantic salmon, and he has worked closely with fisheries boards to preserve this iconic species. Hill has travelled all over Africa, and extensively in Gambia, teaching local anglers and guides the ethos and mission of the IGFA. On his list of most important issues is the conservation of fish stocks and the correct handling and treatment of fish caught for sporting purposes.


We want to take this opportunity to recognize the Big Game Fishing Club France (BGFCF) President Marc Werquin, Andre Montocchio and Gregory Tordjeman who graciously hosted this important event. Additionally, we would like to thank IGFA Trustee Massimo Brogna for all his tireless efforts to coordinate the inaugural IGFA Mediterranean Championship, and IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher for his participation on both of these important IGFA events.

IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher (bottom image) and IGFA President Jason Schratwieser (top image) both presented the three-year strategy for the association and what has been accomplished thus far. Big things are ahead for the International Game Fish Association and the development of a organized European and Mediterranean Council is an essential part of the strategy.