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Squidnation’s New Mega Mini Dredge Bar

The Mega Mini Dredge is the newest offering in Squidnation’s dredge lineup. Designed for center consoles and small boats with limited storage space, the 12-inch double-tier dredge’s compact design makes it a cinch to store in the large Plano storage box (supplied). The dredge bar is virtually tangle-free and can be interchanged with properly balanced squid bodies and or tuna-shaped mudflaps.

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The Game Raiser Electronic Teaser

The Game Raiser electronic teaser (patent pending) is engineered with 39 high-powered LED lights to increase the effective range covered by a teaser to attract game fish, switch on those “not in the mood” fish, and getting switched-on fish committed to the strike!

Detailed in design, the Game Raiser has been created to imitate the reflections and flashes radiated from a bait ball and feeding frenzy. By adding the Game Raiser to your arsenal you are sure to increase your chances of success!

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Yeti’s New Roadie 48 and 60 Wheeled Coolers

YETI has welcomed two new coolers to its lineup, the bigger Roadies—Roadie 48 and Roadie 60. These durable, wheeled coolers have a sturdy handle and rugged wheels for ease of transport.

The Roadie 48, a remarkably durable piece of gear tailored toward tailgates, barbecues, and more. It offers a capacity of up to 41 cans and is sturdy as a rock thanks to its thick, insulated walls and YETI’s patented rock-solid strength.

The Roadie 60 features basically the same composition as the 48 but even more space, with room for as many as 51 cans.

Additionally, each option offers 13 inches of internal height, which is the perfect amount of space to fit a pair of wine bottles or two-liter beverages. Each cooler also features several signature YETI elements, including puncture-resistant Neverflat wheels, Bearfoot non-slip feet, and a dolly-like telescoping handle for easy maneuvering. The design withstands the elements wherever your adventures take you.

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Berkley’s New Slobberknocker Bladed Jig

Bladed jigs have taken the bass community by storm in recent years. Now, Berkley has come out with their own contribution to the craze - the Berkley Slobberknocker.

Compared to other bladed jigs on the market, the Berkley Slobberknocker features an innovative through-head design that is completely unique to other bladed jigs. Backed by science, the Slobberknocker features a signature hand-tied Berkley silicone skirt infused with PowerBait scent.

The Slobberknocker also features a chip-resistant paint finish, as well as the sticky sharp Fusion19 hook. And, to match the hatch, there are 12 premium forage matching colorways to choose from. This grand combination makes the new Berkley Slobberknocker the ultimate solution when it comes to fishing bladed jigs.

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PENN’s New Flagship Authority Spinning Reel

PENN Fishing made a huge splash in the premium spinning reel category by announcing the new PENN Authority reel.

The new PENN Authority sets the standard for best-in-class saltwater fishing reels, designed for overall refinement, power and maximum performance. Perfect for the angler that spends serious time on the water and demands a high-end reel that answers to any situation.

When the hammer slams down, the PENN Authority drag system with Dura-Drag offers maximum drag pressure and features silky smooth carbon washers which eliminate hesitation even under extreme drag settings.

The PENN Authority reel far surpasses the durability and performance required and comes into the market with sizes ranging from 2500–10500 making it the most durable best-in-class reel on the market. Four high-speed models are also available (2500-4500-6500-8500).

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