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 Catch a Florida Keys Grand Slam, by Thompson Smith

The pursuit of one of fishing’s most challenging achievements, in one of the most beautiful places on earth, is chronicled from a conservationist’s perspective by author Thompson Smith. He takes you on a journey through the Florida Keys where you will not only get lots of great fishing information but also places to visit on your trip that uncover some of the Keys’ history and hidden secrets.

The book also contains tips and tricks to get you in the right places at the right times to give you the best chance to catch a tarpon, bonefish, and permit all in the same day. Included are the personal stories of the heartbreaks and triumphs of this pursuit, as well as best practices to ensure conserving resources and protection of the ecosystem of the Keys. Other topics covered include:

  • Timing of your trip
  • Choosing a guide to get you on the fish!
  • A breakdown of the Upper, Middle and Lower Keys Fishing Grounds
  • What To Bring
  • Shark Predation and How to Deal With It!
  • Specialty Charters
  • Leading Associations; IGFA, FKFGA, LKGA, Bonefish and Tarpon Trust

Thompson has logged countless hours over a period of 40 years chasing Grand Slams all over the world and mostly in the Keys. His love for the sport and rich history of the area, as well as the camaraderie this pursuit creates, makes for an entertaining and informative read.

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New Chrome Colorways for Berkely Gulp!

Berkley’s lineup of revolutionary Gulp! saltwater soft baits now gets better. Berkley Gulp! upgraded four of their classic shapes with game-changing chrome colorways, making this bait even more life-like and enticing to fish.

Backed by science and proven to create 400 times more scent dispersion than the competition, Berkley’s proprietary Gulp! scent technology is infused into the core of each bait. The expanded colors represent another step forward in the evolution of Gulp!, as most saltwater baitfish exhibit some silver hue that flashes with the sun’s reflection. Chrome Gulp! mimics this trait with metallic tones that are available in four essential Gulp! bait shapes - Paddletail, Shrimp, Swimming Mullet, and Jerkshad and the new color offering includes chrome, fool’s gold, green chrome, purple chrome, and red chrome colors.

Saltwater anglers can find the perfect fit for any inshore species with even more color options. The combination of the Gulp! infused scent and flavor, proven swimming movement, and now these new life-like Chrome colors will ensure big-fish strikes under all conditions. 

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Costa Del Mar’s New Tuna Alley Pro Sunglasses

Affectionately named after a legendary 15-mile stretch of fishing grounds, the Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley Pro Sunglasses are as recognizable as the sandy shelves near The Bahamas where giant bluefin tuna run every spring. Featuring a host of PRO series upgrades and updated styling, these legacy frames are built sustainably using Costa’s proprietary bio-resin material to create a smaller carbon footprint while providing exceptionally durable and lightweight design.

Built with vented and adjustable nose pads, the Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley Pro Sunglasses deliver a customizable fit that reduces fogging with sweat channels and eye wire drains to keep you cool and your vision clear. The new Hydrolite rubber formula offers increased durability and becomes tacky as it gets wet to provide a secure fit during dynamic activity. Complete with top hooding and side shields for full wraparound sun protection, the Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley Pro Sunglasses are ready for your next adventure with metal eyewear retainer slots so they can never be misplaced. 

Frame Size: Large

Frame Fit: Regular-Narrow

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Frabill’s New Rechargeable Aerator

The new Frabill ReCharge Deluxe Aerator continues the tradition of bringing new innovative products to anglers. The Frabill ReCharge Deluxe Aerator is a mobile livewell aeration system with an induction motor that provides time-after-time use to keep bait lively.

Outfitted with a rechargeable lithium battery, the ReCharge Deluxe Aerator can be conveniently recharged with the included 10V adaptor or through a USB cable.

A water-resistant gasket designed with an anti-back flow check valve keeps water out and bait alive longer.  The universal hang-on clip with stability posts allows anglers to bring it on fly-in trips, shore fishing, or on any boat.  Now a bucket or nearly any waterproof container can become a viable minnow bucket.

With lithium-ion batteries, and the ability to recharge, this aerator sets the bar again in bait management with the power induction motor and a longer battery life to keep bait fresh for an extended day out.

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Z-Man’s New Kicker Crabz Swimming Soft Crustacean Bait

Created to accurately imitate a sideways swimming crustacean, the Z-Man Kicker Crabz is a first-of-its-kind crab imitation with lifelike body details including segmented legs, claws, eyes, and antennae. Poured from 10X Tough Elaztech for extreme durability, the unique kicker claw produces enticing movement on the fall and during the retrieve, and the highly buoyant material floats the crab into a naturally defensive posture when at rest.

Featuring a realistic crustacean profile, this angler-friendly design allows for easy weedless rigging with a dorsal hook pocket, and its streamlined shape enhances casting distance and accuracy.

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