Expansion of IGFA Youth Angling Programs

The IGFA’s international network of supporters continues to play a pivotal role in expanding the IGFA’s global footprint and our youth-angling education programs. In the last four years, the IGFA has distributed more than 150 Passports to Fishing kits, which have gone to the IGFA’s network of supporters including 32 IGFA Representatives and eight IGFA Fishing Clubs. The IGFA also recently hit a major milestone of distributing kits to 40 different countries around the world with the 40th kit sent to Mauritania with the Fédération Mauritanienne de Peche Sportive, an IGFA Fishing Club.

The IGFA Passports to Fishing program is also building our network with angling educators around the world who are working tirelessly to not only teach the next generation of youth anglers but also reach their parents and individual anglers in their communities, as is outlined in these two reports about expanding programs and events in Malaysia and Mexico.

Passports to Fishing Report from IGFA Representative Shamin Shaimah (The Milkfish Lady)

Pasar Pancing - The Fishing Expo August 5-6, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia

For the first time in five years, Malaysia saw the return of its Sport Fishing Exhibition which brought together both angling businesses through a cost-effective concept. The expo included many fields of angling such as fishing clubs, youth angling education groups, tackle manufacturers, as well as groups from all genres of the recreational and angling communities.

Organized by The Milkfish Lady Club, an IGFA Fishing Club in Malaysia, the IGFA was introduced in an extensive way to participants through a booth showcasing IGFA World Records, IGFA Angling Rules translated to Bahasa Malaysia, as well as the IGFA Passports to Fishing kit, and IGFA digital memberships. The crowd was keen to know more and quick to sign up. This is a great achievement for Malaysia seeing that through IGFA’s rules and standards, we are able to share the importance of ethical angling, consideration, and camaraderie within the community. Through the IGFA Passports to Fishing program, anglers young and old gained insight on the basics of angling, the importance of conservation, and environmental stewardship.

The inaugural Pasar Pancing had 24 booths and roughly 2,000 visitors over the course of two days. The positive and encouraging response has already resulted in the next event being planned for early December 2022, with more than 100 booths and significantly more attendees anticipated. 

Passports to Fishing Report from IGFA Representative Gary Graham, That Baja Guy

It has been a busy year for the wildly popular IGFA Passport to Fishing program in Baja Sur, and Sinaloa in mainland Mexico.

IGFA Representative Clicerio Mercado and his assistants, Gonzalo Alamea and Antonio Aripez, have recruited local teams to assist them in hosting six clinics with over 400 kids participating, as well as many of their parents in Baja Sur and Sinaloa on mainland Mexico. They have scheduled at least that same number of events in different communities in both Baja Sur and Sinaloa for the future. 

One of the newest IGFA Representatives in Mexico, Victor Mendez from Ensenada,  has already hosted several IGFA Passports to Fishing clinics that were well attended by over 100 kids plus their families. He also has several more events planned throughout his state of Baja.  

In addition, FONMAR (think “Fish and Game” in the US) has offered to include the IGFA Passport to Fishing clinics in some of the ten sportfishing tournaments remaining on their 2022 schedule.

The captains of local boats are enthusiastic instructors, eagerly teaching the next generation, so they are involved in the conservation and sportfishing that has been part of their heritage.

The four individuals, named above, making this all come together are tirelessly working and feel rewarded by the number of children and youth eagerly responding.



Lastly, thank you to the following program supporters: