IGFA Estonia Representative Endrik Tonsberg

Endrik Tonsberg, left, has focused much of his efforts on ensuring proper water quality, a vital first step for the preservation of fisheries in Baltic countries.

An IGFA Representative for over 12 years, Endrik Tonsberg is an avid angler and conservationist with significant experience in fisheries management issues. As the chairman of the Estonian Sport Fishing Federation - a non-profit organization representing the interests of the Estonian sport fishing community - Endrik has focused much of his efforts on ensuring proper water quality, a vital first step for the preservation of fisheries.

“If we consider ourselves to be intelligent and conscientious social beings, our primary task is to conserve and protect this ‘temple’ so that it lasts forever,” says Tonsberg. “Nature and our planet are our greatest responsibility to our children and to future generations.”

Endrik’s work extends from Estonia to other Baltic countries, including Scandinavia, where thousands of hydropower plants are causing extensive damage to fish stocks. According to Endrik, there are roughly 25,000 rivers waiting for recovery in the European Union, and to solve these and other problems, the Estonian Sport Fishing Federation has been working closely with anglers and environmental organizations in Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, and Germany for many years to make sure this happens.

OCEAN 2012 meeting in Brussels.

Endrik is an environmental chemist by trade, and it is his love for the sport, science, and the environment that motivates him to continue fighting for healthy fisheries and the promotion of responsible angling practices. In addition to giving countless lectures and performing research with prominent universities in Estonia, Endrik is also heavily involved in the recreational fishing tournament scene in Estonia and beyond where he promotes the importance of IGFA Angling Rules and ethics.

The IGFA is proud to have Endrik as an IGFA Representative and a member of the IGFA Europe & Mediterranean Council. We are grateful for Endrik’s work helping preserve our fisheries for generations to come.