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 Costa's New Paunch Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar® Paunch 580G polarized sunglasses are inspired by the white sands, clear waters, and legendary surfing of Bocas Del Toro in Panama. These Costa Paunch sunglasses boast 580G LightWAVE® glass lenses—the clearest in the industry. All Costa sunglasses feature polarized lenses to control glare, and select styles also feature a mirror coating. Costa's glass lenses are also scratch-resistant and thinner and lighter than average polarized glass. The 580 technology filters out harsh yellow and harmful blue light, making colors brighter and objects appear more defined. These feature durable co-injected nylon frames made using an eco-friendly bio-resin process (using castor oil instead of petroleum) to reduce emissions and overall carbon footprint. Costa polarized sunglasses sport Hydrolite® nose pads for a secure, comfortable fit. They also include a case, and a cleaning cloth.

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Rapala's New Countdown Elite

Rapala’s new CountDown Elite lure harnesses over 80 years of lure-making craftsmanship into a premium balsa lure, featuring the legendary controlled slow-sinking method of the original CountDown. Lead-free tungsten polymer weighting maximizes casting distance and accuracy. Forged, flattened, one-piece through-wire construction improves durability. Premium high-def patterns with a metallic gilded face bring the look of the lure to a totally new level.

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Knockout Fishing’s New Ott-O Retriever

Knockout Fishing Ott-O-Retriever pays you back in retrieved lures. Your new best friend on the water easily attaches to your fishing line, sliding down to dislodge a snagged lure on impact. When you get a snag, simply insert the Ott-O Retriever on your line near the rod tip. Let it go and it slides down to drive the lure backward and free from the obstruction. Reel them both back in and you're back to fishing, no lure change required. A slick coating on the metal construction prevents line fraying and enhances sliding.

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New Fish Monkey® Wooly Wool Half Finger Gloves

Fish Monkey® Wooly Wool Half Finger Gloves are made to keep your hands warm, even when wet. These Fish Monkey fishing gloves have exposed fingers to allow for knot tying, bait rigging, and line management, with a flexible knit that moves with your hands. Wool is a natural insulator, with unique characteristics that allow the gloves to absorb up to 30 percent of the weight in water without feeling heavy or damp. The wool fibers also breathe, allowing moisture to be wicked away. Fish Monkey Wooly Wool Half-Finger Gloves have synthetic leather palms to provide extra protection from fatigue and to deliver a superb wet grip.

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Sea Safe Environment-Friendly Hull Cleaner

Use Starbrite Sea Safe hull cleaner to remove waterline stains and rust stains from all hull surfaces. This environment-friendly formula requires no hard rubbing or buffing and is solvent, acid, and chemical free. Simply wipe it on and rinse it off! Starbrite's new line of Sea Safe cleaners are powerful, economical, completely biodegradable, and Earth-friendly cleaners. These "green" products also feature biodegradable bottles.

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