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Matt Harris’ New Book, The Fish of a Lifetime

Matt Harris is an award-winning professional photographer and journalist who has traveled to over 40 countries chasing some of the biggest and wildest fish in the world with a fly rod.

Now, some of Matt's most extraordinary adventures are showcased in “The Fish of a Lifetime”, a beautiful new large-format 656-page book, featuring stories from all around the world and illustrated with hundreds of Matt’s beautiful high-resolution images exquisitely printed in full color.

Globally renowned angler and spey casting authority Simon Gawesworth says in his foreword, "I love Matt's work...the images he takes are always powerful, evocative, and dripping with authenticity. In short, without getting on a plane and blowing your life savings, you will get to experience the very best fly fishing in the world.”

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AFTCO’s Hydronaut Jacket and Bib

Building off the success of the award-winning Hydronaut series, the AFTCO Hydronaut Heavy Duty Waterproof Jacket employs a new and improved construction and a long list of industry-leading performance features to provide an even greater level of coverage from foul weather.

Offering more than just protection from the rain, the AFTCO Hydronaut Heavy Duty Waterproof Jacket’s SpeedVent Airflow hood helps to alleviate neck strain by allowing air to flow out its rear openings during high-speed runs. Aftco also incorporated their double dry cuff system, which utilizes two layers of Velcro cuffs to create a virtually watertight seal around your wrists. Thanks to an AFTCO Cyclops Camera mount compatible pocket, you can also capture killer footage from your angling adventures. Performance-driven and feature-rich, the AFTCO Hydronaut Heavy Duty Waterproof Jacket is a quintessential layer of protection from unfavorable fishing conditions.

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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured Infinity Fly Lines

The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, Amplitude Textured series will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. It’s slickness down to a science.

The conventional wisdom in fly fishing is that there’s no such thing as a “do it all” freshwater line. We have something to say about that. The Amplitude Textured Infinity fly line has the power to bomb out streamers yet retains delicacy for dry flies. It mends like an absolute dream and delivers flies at all distances. Built a half-size heavy, with a long head and substantial front taper, it’s perfect for everything from trout and panfish to pike and steelhead. There’s a reason we call it the Infinity: there is no end to what you’ll be able to do with it.

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New Fishitch Hitch Receiver Rod Holder

Are you the type of person that loves adventure but always runs out of space when it comes to bringing all your gear? Well, now you can bring it all and never break a fishing rod again. Fishitch® Fishing-Rod Holder for Vehicle Hitches was carefully designed to be versatile, lightweight, and durable. The inventor, along with a group of engineers, created and perfected this product into what it is today. All you need is a 2-inch hitch receiver to make any vehicle capable of using this amazing fishing pole holder. No more broken rods or fishing hooks stuck anywhere. Just slide it into your hitch receiver and insert your fishing rods. Fishitch is a true hassle-free fishing experience.

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New White River Travel Vise

The White River Fly Shop® EZ Travel Vise lets you tie flies in the field and make repairs when you're away from home. This compact rotary vise grip is made from quality stainless steel with aluminum parts. It's easy to set up on the included base, and it breaks down easily for transport and storage. The White River Fly Shop EZ Travel Vise for fly tying is lightweight and weighs only 1.42 pounds and measures 3.875 inches wide x 2.75 inches deep x 6.75 inches heigh

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Rapala’s New X-Rap Magnum Stick Bait

The easy-casting Rapala® X-Rap® Magnum Stick Bait boasts a heavy-duty plastic, through-wire construction that gives it the toughness needed for battling saltwater predators. The wide-swimming action goes into a fluttering dive with its head down, enticing hungry predators to strike. The textured, translucent body and X-Rap reflective finish deliver fish-enticing flash with the slightest motion, while the 3D holographic eyes give predators a target to hammer. This lipless Rapala stick bait is perfect for fast, aggressive retrieves. The lure is finished with VMC® 4X in-line single hooks.

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