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IGFA Captain Frothy De Silva "A La Vive" Vinyl Skirts

IGFA Captain Frothy De Silva "A La Vive" vinyl skirts were made by fishermen, for fishermen. What does a big game captain do all day when he’s looking back at his lures in the spread, waiting for a grander blue marlin to show up? He’s thinking of any and all ways he can make his lures more appealing to that fish of a lifetime, hoping that his lures look the most realistic to entice the bite. Captain Frothy De Silva has been fishing the world for over 40 years and has come up with his A La Vive skirts. In Trinidadian, A La Vive means “live bait” a term that was common back in his home country of Trinidad for live bait fishing. The lures are made to look real and are hand-painted in Madeira, Portugal, where every lure skirt created is one-of-a-kind. Give your lure the look of A La Vive, and make them come to life.

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Power-Pole's New MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor

Power-Pole has introduced a new movement in total boat control with the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor. Nearly a decade in the making, the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor was conceived and constructed from the ground up with a focus on improving upon existing offerings. The result is not only the most powerful electric motor available, but also the quietest and most durable trolling motor.

The unit is designed to create 30-percent more power than industry leading trolling motors, all while being whisper quiet in the propulsion and the steering systems.

The shaft is manufactured from, nearly unbreakable aerospace-grade titanium that will hold up to extreme pressure. That shaft combined with the bracket has been tested to withstand the harshest environments in fishing. While it is built to last, the trolling motor is built with contingencies so that anglers can stay on the water. Redundant fail-safes were engineered into the system to ensure that the motor functions as it should even if parts become compromised.

The Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor comes standard with features like advanced anchor mode, allowing the angler to maintain position while focusing, vector heading for following a straight course down a bank, and the follow a route function guided by ProNav allowing the angler to use the Power-Pole app or compatible device to set a route for the motor to follow. Finally, a compass heading feature guides the motor to bear towards specific compass headings identified by the user.

The unit will operate in both 24- or 36-volt systems and is integrated with their C-Monster 2.0 wireless connection system. It produces maximum true thrust of 100 pounds in a 36-volt system or 78 pounds in a 24-volt setup. Power-Pole has chosen to use real world honest “true thrust” numbers to measure MOVE performance instead of the current industry inflated scaling standard.

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New Lunar-1 6.5” Stainless Steel Pliers by danco

New for 2023 are danco’s Lunar-1, 6.5" Stainless Steel Pliers, that are perfect for your heavy-duty tackle that needs extra strength. The replaceable tungsten carbide side cutters are very sharp and can cut through braided fishing line, mono, and fluorocarbon. Also included is a custom molded sheath with belt clip and coiled lanyard to keep this handy tool within easy reach and securing them to you so they are not lost.

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Yeti’s New Canopy Green and High Desert Collections

Yeti makes some of the best gear around, specifically known for coolers, mugs of all sizes, and bags that can survive a beating. Best of all, though, is that durability is coupled with functionality. So what better way to celebrate the approaching changing of the season than with two new colors?

The brand just dropped the Canopy and High Desert Clay collections. The Canopy collection is a bright green color inspired by the hidden world beneath the treetops and the High Desert collection is a clay-colored option inspired by the crags and canyons of the American southwest.

Canopy Green Collection:
High Desert Collection:

VMC’s New Redline Series Finesse Vanadium Steel Treble Hooks for Lures

The VMC® RedLine Series Finesse Treble Hook makes a great replacement for your bent and worn out crank and jerkbait hooks, or you can use it for any other treble hook application. Engineered for elite anglers everywhere, the VMC Redline Series fishing hooks are made with extra-light VMC Vanadium® steel, which is 25% stronger and is the same material used to make Formula One race cars. This elite hook is given VMC's advanced compressed needle point, a shape that's incredibly hard for fish to shake off. It is then covered with a silky-smooth P.T.F.E. coating for 50% faster hook penetration.

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Shimano Teramar PX Southeast Spinning Rods

Designed to present baits with perfection while also giving anglers the delicate power needed to land inshore species, the new Teramar PX Southeast (SE) incorporates Shimano’s Hi-Power X blank technology to create a rod that will perform no matter the conditions. Hi-Power X technology increases overall rod performance with reduced blank twist, increased rigidity and enhanced power transmission while casting and fighting fish. The Teramar PX SE lineup of inshore and nearshore rods encompass a wide assortment of models for anglers targeting everything from seatrout to the silver king. Shimano built the Teramar PX SE rods with premium Seaguide guides paired with a Fuji reel seat for a component combination aimed at flawless performance and unmatched durability. Teramar PX SE is built to excel during those pressured moments.

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