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Zacatak Lures Stainless Steel Series Jet Head Trolling Lures

Introducing the Zacatak Stainless Series, crafted exclusively for the serious offshore angler. All lures in the Stainless Series are CNC-machined from 304 stainless steel. The added weight of the head allows anglers to adapt to changing fishing conditions and gain a competitive edge by increasing trolling speed. Hydrodynamic jets provide uncompromising stability, granting complete control over the lure's action.
Proudly manufactured in the United States, these lures are built to conquer any challenge, delivering unparalleled performance. All Stainless Series lures are available in size large (total skirted length of 15.5") and in a complete range of Zacatak's color combinations.

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AFTCO’s New Blue Fever Swimmer

This unique sub-surface lure from AFTCO was designed to be incredibly easy to fish. Simply cast and retrieve, and the lure does all the work. With its side-to-side swimming action and a variety of beautiful color options, your favorite pelagic fish won't be able to resist. Choose from two sizes, with the smaller size for quantity and the larger size for quality. These baits come rigged and ready to use, with no need to swap out rings or hooks.

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Mercury Marine’s New Avator Electric Motor

Mercury Marine is making waves in the electric boat engine industry with the groundbreaking Mercury Avator motor.
Tailored for small watercraft featuring transom-mount outboards, this new Mercury electric outboard engine is set to revolutionize the industry. Harnessing advanced lithium-ion batteries designed exclusively for marine applications, the Avator delivers quieter, smoother operation and emits no exhaust fumes, providing one of the most comfortable outboard motor boating experiences available.
Equipped with an advanced transverse flux electric motor, the Avator generates 750 watts of power at the prop, roughly equivalent to one horsepower. What sets it apart is its ability to deliver instant torque even at lower RPMs, ensuring enhanced efficiency and superior performance.
Additionally, as a purely electric option, the Avator is a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. Enjoy a tranquil and eco-conscious boating experience that contributes to the preservation of the beautiful outdoors you cherish.

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Bates Fishing Co’s New Hundo All CNC Aluminum Baitcasting Reel

Introducing the Bates Hundo, a compact yet 100% Bates reel known for its quality and craftsmanship.
The Hundo boasts a gunmetal grey anodized aluminum frame, meticulously CNC-machined from 6061-T6 bar stock using their advanced nine-axis machine. Some of the CNC machine's pathways have been retained, adding an industrial marvel touch to the Hundo to ensure there are no gimmicks or mere surface coatings.
Beyond its smaller 100-sized frame, this reel showcases a new dual braking system and a shallower spool, perfect for finesse anglers seeking precise control over lighter lines and lures. Internal components have also been upgraded, including lightweight aluminum gears and enhanced bearings. These bearings consist of 10 HAC stainless steel bearings, two high-precision NMB ball bearings, and a one-way stainless steel ball bearing. Whether you're fishing for quantity or quality, the Hundo won't disappoint.

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World Wide Sportsman Daybreak Long-Sleeve Hoodie

Ideal for year-round layering warmth, the World Wide Sportsman® Daybreak Long-Sleeve Hoodie brings extra comfort to your early mornings on the water and late evenings by the campfire. Crafted from midweight polyester, the smooth shell fabric with 100% recycled front offers a soft, stretchy feel with a brushed interior to keep you warm. Flip on the three-panel hood with drawcord adjustment for extra coverage. This World Wide Sportsman hoodie features a kangaroo pocket with an outer zippered compartment, raglan sleeves, and a straight hem.

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Rapala Compact Line Remover

The Rapala Compact Line Remover fishing tool turns a dreaded chore into a time-saving cinch. Measuring only five inches long, Rapala's handy tool strips line at six feet per second because it's powered by a high-torque motor that requires only two AA batteries (not included). Smartly, Rapala's compact fishing line stripping tool features a dual-direction design, operating the same for both righties and lefties. No more excuses to avoid removing the line when needed! Sized to fit any tackle bag or boat compartment, if you want to save time stripping a fishing line on any size reel, then the Rapala Compact Line Remover is a must-have tool.

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