Newly Approved Slam & Trophy Fish Clubs

To see all newly approved IGFA Slams & Trophy Fish clubs since August, 2023 please view this PDF.

Van Treese’s Inshore Grand Slam

On August 25, 2023, Dan Van Treese was fishing with captain Paul Visicaro in Marathon, Florida when he accomplished an IGFA Inshore Grand Slam. Dan started the day with a tarpon that struck his twitch bait, and then followed it up with this beautiful bonefish that he caught on a shrimp. Dan completed his slam by capturing the elusive permit which ate a live crab. Congratulations, Dan on your IGFA Inshore Grand Slam!


Brian Scott Leon’s Trout Royal Slam

Brian Scott Leon recently submitted his application for an IGFA Trout Royal Slam on fly tackle; an accomplishment that took him just over a year to achieve. Brian started the quest for his IGFA Trout Royal Slam in February 2022, with the capture of a rainbow trout in the chilly waters of the Upper Owen’s River in California, US. From there, Leon traveled to several destinations to complete his slam, which he completed on June 23, 2023, with the capture of a beautiful lake trout in the Yukon Territory of Canada. Congratulations Brian on an incredible accomplishment!