IGFA Holiday Gift Guide

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IGFA YETI Tumblers

YETI® Drinkware is over-engineered. Their stainless-steel Tumblers, Mugs, and Wine Tumblers are designed with double-wall vacuum insulation, and a No Sweat™ Design. The tumblers will keep your soda, beer, wine, and mixed drinks ice cold. The YETI Rambler tumblers have been selling well for many years, and firmly occupying the top spot in multiple categories. The tumblers are made of stainless steel, and have good insulation performance whether they are used for holding ice cubes or hot water. As a great holiday gift idea, pick your favorite YETI Tumbler with a unique IGFA species logo design from the IGFA Online Store.

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Duckett Salt Series Spinning and Casting Rods

The Duckett Fishing Salt Series Rods are one-piece inshore saltwater rods specifically designed to target species such as redfish, sea trout, and other inshore favorites. These rods are constructed from Sensi-Touch™ blanks, crafted from the highest quality multi-modulus pre-impregnated blank to ensure an exceptionally lightweight and durable rod. The blanks also incorporate low-res carbon for an ideal strength-to-weight ratio, making them resilient to the demands of inshore fishing. The rods feature a triple-coated thread wrap with additional epoxy to minimize saltwater corrosion.

All Duckett Salt Series rods are $159.00 but IGFA members receive a 50% discount using promo code “IGFA” at checkout. To order click here.




Don’t Kill your Live Bait – Introducing Anglers Sport Natural Sunscreen

Ever wondered why the live bait in your livewell or bucket dies so quickly – like it’s been poisoned? It may have been, if you’re using sunscreens made with toxic petrochemicals like oxybenzone. Choose Anglers Sport, the only mineral-based sunscreen scientifically proven to be safe when handling saltwater and freshwater fish. And the same goes for the fish you’re trying to catch. They have a very specialized sense of smell, and they’re sensitive enough to pick up and avoid the petrochemicals you’re smearing on your bait when you handle it. So what’s an angler to do? Switch to Stream2Sea’s Anglers Sport, the only sunscreen on the planet that’s been tested and proven safe for fresh and saltwater fish.

Make the switch to Stream2Sea today and enjoy your fishing adventures without harming our waters. Receive 10% off all Stream2Sea products with promo code “IGFA”. To order please click here.

The Fish of a Lifetime: The Best Fly Fishing in the World

Renowned fly-fishing photojournalist Matt Harris has released his long-awaited first ever book, a massive anthology that packs decades of entertaining editorial features and award-winning photography into one huge volume.
The Fish of a Lifetime showcases some of the 40 countries Matt has visited whilst chasing a kaleidoscope of spectacular species with a fly rod.
In this exquisitely produced, case-bound tome that spans 42 chapters and 656 pages, Matt recounts his most memorable adventures and documents encounters with a bewildering array of colorful characters as well as some epic battles with wild and often huge fish in remote and spectacular locations ranging from the Arctic tundra to the Amazon jungle.

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Bluefin USA IGFA Collection

In partnership with the IGFA, Bluefin USA is delighted to introduce an exclusive IGFA collection of apparel, now accessible for purchase at Bluefin USA retailers and online. A percentage of the proceeds generated from sales of items within the IGFA collection will be directed towards advancing the IGFA's mission of educating and inspiring the next generation of young anglers on a global scale. The assortment encompasses an array of IGFA-branded merchandise, such as the Supperleggera Solar Hoodie, Solar Polos, Tournament Pants, Short Sleeve Performance Sport Shirts, Second Skin Rashguards, and an extensive selection of other high-quality products. Your support not only allows you to acquire premium fishing gear but also contributes to fostering the growth and knowledge of young anglers worldwide through the IGFA's educational initiatives.

For more information or to order please click here.


The Bouncer Smith Chronicles: A Lifetime of Fishing

With over half a century dedicated to guiding fishing expeditions along the East Coast of Florida, encompassing the Florida Keys and the Bahamas Islands, Captain Bouncer Smith stands as one of the world's most accomplished fishermen. His extensive experience has yielded a treasure trove of extraordinary adventures and numerous world record catches. The Bouncer Smith Chronicles serves as the definitive compilation of his most cherished stories. Beyond showcasing his prowess in guiding clients to unparalleled fishing experiences and recounting victories in prestigious tournaments, Captain Bouncer's generosity shines through. Amid tales of epic catches and celebrity encounters, he shares heartwarming experiences of introducing sick children and less privileged individuals to the joy of fishing. From encounters with kings and celebrities to providing unforgettable fishing days for families who could only dream of such luxuries, Captain Bouncer's narrative spans diverse fishing destinations worldwide. The Chronicles not only vividly depict the essence of deep-sea and backwater fishing but also provide insights into tackle rigging and culinary tips for various fish species. Serving as an all-encompassing guide to fishing enjoyment and adventure, The Bouncer Smith Chronicles offers an expert's perspective on a lifetime dedicated to the angler's pursuit. Accompanying the book is the website www.boundersmithchronicles.com, featuring visual accounts through photographs that enhance the readers' enjoyment of the Chronicles experience.

For more information or to order please click here.

Sweet Gulf: Experiencing Paradise and Fishing for The Top Gamefish in and Around Golfo Dulce and the Osa Peninsula

Introducing "Sweet Gulf" by Tom Olivo, a fine art photography book celebrating the biodiversity, sportfishing, and conservation in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce. The book transports readers into the captivating world of the region with stunning visuals and informative narratives. Olivo's breathtaking photography showcases landscapes, wildlife, and marine creatures, capturing the essence of the Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce. Beyond visuals, "Sweet Gulf" offers educational insights into ecological importance, marine biodiversity, and the cultural significance of sportfishing. The book also highlights organizations dedicated to conservation, shedding light on their vital work. Whether a nature enthusiast, photography lover, or conservation advocate, "Sweet Gulf" inspires and informs, inviting exploration of Costa Rica's coastal paradise.
The 328-page book is priced at $79.00, with 370 photos. Profits benefit seven non-profit conservation organizations, including the IGFA.

For more information or to purchase the book please click here.

AFTCO Reaper Sweatshirt

You’ve seen the knockoffs, but the AFTCO Reaper Fishing Hoodie is the original that set the bar. A go-to when warmth is paramount, the Reaper Fishing Sweatshirt features an integrated microfleece face mask, laser-cut ventilation, ultra-quiet pocket closures, a hood anchoring system, and stain resistance. Reaper is a surefire gift to put under the tree this holiday season. Available now in all-new colors and camo prints.

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Garmin Quatix® 7 – Standard Edition Marine GPS Smartwatch

The Garmin Quatix® 7 – Standard Edition Marine GPS Smartwatch boasts a rugged yet sophisticated design, featuring an always-on 1.3” display, stainless steel components, and a QuickFit band system. Its traditional button controls, adaptable to any environment, coexist with a responsive touchscreen for efficient navigation. Offering seamless connectivity with Garmin chartplotters, it enables remote control of essential marine features like chart zoom, Fusion stereo, and autopilot.
Keep a close watch on vital information, such as tide data, directly on the watch face, and receive alerts for anchor drag or impending tide changes on compatible marine devices. Explore with optional BlueChart g3 coastal charts and LakeVü g3 inland maps. Paired with a smartphone, enjoy smart notifications, preloaded activity profiles, Garmin Pay for contactless payments, and more.
This versatile device ensures 24/7 health monitoring with metrics like heart rate, Pulse Ox, stress, and sleep tracking. Access preloaded maps for global golf courses and ski resorts, and download TopoActive maps via Wi-Fi for exploration. Water-rated to 10 ATM (100 meters), it withstands pressures equivalent to a depth of 100 meters, suitable for various aquatic activities.

The smartwatch is priced at $599 and to order please click here.

Wicked Good Rigging Floss Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer

Woodstock Line Company's Wicked Good Rigging Floss tacky flat nylon fibers offer a versatile and reliable solution for various angling rigging applications. Whether you're skirting bait, presenting live bait, securing tails to jigs, or wrapping splices, this material excels, ensuring smooth and tight finishes. With available break strengths of 30#, 50#, 70#, and 90#, you can choose the right option for your specific needs. The convenience extends to the packaging as well, with 1/4-pound tubes currently offered in white, and an expanding range of colors soon to be available. Notably, these fibers demonstrate resilience by remaining unaffected in warm temperatures, avoiding any melting or breakdown, while retaining flexibility even in cold conditions. This makes them a durable and adaptable choice for anglers in various environments.

To learn more please click here.

Meet Costa Del Mar's Newest Seadrift Sunglasses Made for Every Waterwoman

For every waterwoman looking to bring style on their next outing without leaving functionality at the dock, meet Seadrift. This sleek, 8-base, Bio-Resin frame lets you roll with the waves, while purpose-built features like Hydrolite™ rubber and micro-sculpted side shields are there when you’re ready to take the helm. Seadrift comes with multiple sizing options, so no matter who’s looking, there’s no end to what you’ll see. Whether the wind takes your drift past reefs or a good weed line, you'll be ready to pick your shots with frames built to perform.

To order please click here.

YETI Presents Tarpon, Coffee Table Book

Take a visual journey into the world that surrounds this iconic fish with the first YETI Presents book, curated by David Mangum. Over 130 pages of stunning photography and short essays from some of the sport’s most influential writers, including Charles Gaines, Thomas McGuane, Randy Wayne White, and Diana Rudolph, in celebration of the culture of the Silver King.
The 130-page book is priced at $100.

To learn more please click here.

Boat Outfitters Two Knife, Plier, and Boga Grip Holder

The Knife, Pliers, Boga Grip Holder is a versatile accessory measuring 8.5" tall x 6.5" wide x 3.5" deep, crafted to keep your fishing tools meticulously organized and easily accessible. Specifically designed to accommodate a 30lb Boga Grip, this holder is manufactured from King Starboard, renowned as the marine industry's premier plastic sheet. It offers flexibility with options for both permanent face mounting and removable suction cup mounting styles. The standard color is White/White but also comes in Arctic White, Seafoam and Black, ensuring a clean and sleek look on your fishing gear setup. It provides a dedicated space for knives, pliers, and other tools, allowing you to maintain a clutter-free angling environment.
The tool holder is priced at $42.00.

To receive a 10% discount on all Boat Outfitters tools use promo code "IGFA2023" when you place your order here. Offer expires December 24, 2023.

Meet Costa Del Mar's Newest Tailfin Sunglasses Made for all Watermen

Introducing Tailfin - a modernized classic Costa design built for all watermen who require a clear view of their surroundings. Our Bio-Resin frame boasts refined and chiseled edges, complemented by features that help you stay comfortable and sweat-free, with your destination clearly in sight. Offering two size options, both those with bigger and smaller heads can embark on their watery adventures fully equipped. No matter where you’re going, we built the Tailfin to help you get there — and maximize every moment spent on the water.

To order please click here.

David Wirth Island Fish Hook Pendant Small in 14k Yellow Gold

Born in Carmel, CA, IGFA Representative, David Wirth developed an early love for the ocean and its creatures, paired with exceptional artistic talent. His passion for wood sculpting emerged in 1994, allowing him to merge outdoor adventures with his artistic expression. Inspired by fish leaping from the water, his first sculpture was a testament to his enduring love for the sea and the sport. Relocating from the FL Keys to New Smyrna Beach, he brought with him a variety of prized woods, each chosen for its unique grain and color. Using a chain saw for rough shaping, David crafts intricate sculptures, with extensive carving and finishing. Award-winning in just two years, he expanded to bronze casting, achieving remarkable animation and recognition on HGTV and the Outdoor Channel. In his Oak Hill studio, "Wirth Woods," on 10.5 acres, David remains dedicated to environmental conservation through his art. His mantra, "I make art to fish and hunt; I fish and hunt to make art," reflects his unwavering connection to nature. Additionally, as an authorized hook designer from Maui, he handcrafts fish hook jewelry in various materials, including antler, tusk, wood, and precious metals.

David Wirth Gallery is offering a 10% discount for IGFA members using promo code IGFA10DW for the Island Fish Hook Pendant Small in 14k yellow gold. To order click here.

Anglers Journal Magazine

Anglers Journal is not your run-of-the-mill fishing rag. This quarterly publication was created for that special band of enthusiasts who feel most alive when they are on the water. Anglers Journal came to life 10 years ago. It was not an ideal time to launch a publication, but with its unique storytelling and eye for breathtaking photography, the magazine has flourished. Anglers Journal continues to expand its reach with podcasts and video efforts. The magazine continually works with new writers in the fishing world to give readers a narrative that’s rich with stories and personalities not typically found in a fishing title. For straight talk about fish, boats and the right bet you made on a friend long ago, pull up a chair and open the pages of Anglers Journal.
To order Anglers Journal for only $20 for the year (4 issues) please click here.