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Rapala Perfects Soft Plastics with CrushCity Customs

Rapala, known worldwide for lures like the Original Floating® Rapala, the Shad Rap®, the X-Rap®, and the DT Series®, has a tradition of crafting revolutionary fishing lures. CrushCity™ Customs is establishing its own legacy among Rapala® favorites. Designed for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass, CrushCity™ has proven effective for various species, including bull redfish and speckled trout in mangroves, striper and peacock bass when kayaking, and amberjack, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel during surf fishing or pier casting. With superior shapes, action, and scent, these baits have become the go-to choice for avid multi-species anglers, consistently putting more fish in the boat whenever and wherever you fish. CrushCity™ softbaits pair seamlessly with VMC® terminal and Sufix® fishing line, creating the ultimate setup from spool to presentation. Introducing CrushCity - Rapala.

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YETI Roadie 48 & 60 Wheeled Cooler Cup Caddy

Elevate your outdoor experience with the YETI Roadie 48 & 60 Wheeled Cooler Cup Caddy. This convenient accessory allows you to set aside your beverage without compromising access to your essentials. Specifically designed for compatibility with the Roadie Wheeled Cooler, it seamlessly provides two cup holders without impeding lid opening. Tailored to accommodate various drinkware, including Rambler Drinkware, Colster Can Insulators, longnecks, and cans, it ensures versatility for your beverage choices. The well-designed middle cavity serves as an ideal storage space for items such as keys, wallet, or fishing pliers, keeping them easily accessible. Note that this cup caddy is exclusively compatible with Roadie 48 & 60 Wheeled Coolers, available for purchase separately.

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IGFA’s Choice for the Upcoming IGFA Light Tackle Open - Momoi’s Hi-Catch IGFA Nylon Monofilament

Momoi’s Hi-Catch IGFA Nylon Monofilament is purpose-built for tournament anglers and record-setting moments. Its specialized formula strikes the perfect balance between thickness and strength, ensuring consistent, reliable performance. Choosing Momoi’s Hi-Catch IGFA Nylon Monofilament provides you with a level of comfort and assurance in IGFA-sanctioned events and when chasing world records, allowing anglers to focus on fishing without concerns about exceeding the line's limits. Notable for its exceptional abrasion resistance, this monofilament outperforms others, offering unmatched durability in challenging conditions. Distributed by Diamond Fishing Products, it is the official monofilament for the upcoming IGFA Light Tackle Open Tournament held annually in South Florida.
Colors: Light Blue and Fluorescent Yellow
Test: 2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 12lb, 16lb, 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, 80lb, 130lb
Various Spool Sizes
Available now from your local Diamond Fishing Products dealer or find out more here!

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Big Fish Better Boats: The History of Sportfishing and Boatbuilding on the Outer Banks

A must-have for any offshore enthusiast, this newly released publication from legendary captain Charles Perry takes a deep dive into the pivotal role the Outer Banks have played in shaping both the sport fishing and boat-building industries.
"This book delves into the origins of sportfishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and its role in developing the world's finest boatbuilding industry. Among all my travels in the sportfishing world, I have not encountered another place that surpasses our year-round quality fishing and superb boatbuilding. Through interviews with captains and mates who played a pivotal role in transitioning to recreational fishing on the Outer Banks, this book captures the history and evolution leading to the construction of safer, more comfortable charter boats. It pays tribute to the watermen who preceded me, those who mentored and fished with me, and the younger generations continuing to pursue bigger fish on better boats." – Captain Charles Perry

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Z-Man’s New Mulletron Line Through Swimbait

Z-Man® introduces the Mulletron™ LT Swimbait, featuring incredible realism in super-durable ElaZtech® construction. With photo-print patterning, this swimbait is indistinguishable from real prey, and a reinforced top line-through harness ensures the bait slides up the line after a hookset, preventing fish leverage. The rounded, wedge-shaped tail produces lifelike swimming action, whether burned back to the boat or slowly crawled to entice sluggish fish. A balanced harness maintains the Mulletron's upright position, whether swimming or resting on the bottom. Rigged with heavy-duty black-nickel sickle hooks, this swimbait ensures a reliable and realistic fishing experience.

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Nomad Design Squidtrex Jigs

The Nomad Design Squidtrex uses patent-pending technology to combine a soft vibration lure into a squid-shaped body, producing a unique action designed to trigger bites. Whether jigged, vertically cast, or trolled, the soft TPE construction provides strength and durability, matched with the realistic movement of the tentacles that waft and wiggle to entice bites when sinking or at rest. The heavy-duty through-wire construction and heavy-gauge hooks instill confidence when targeting big fish. An additional eyelet on the belly allows for customized hook placement, and the weight distribution enables the Squidtrex to be trolled with a vibrating wobble at medium to high speeds or cast towards structure or feeding fish and worked back subsurface on a straight or stop-start retrieve.

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