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TackleWebs Proper Support Weigh Bag

Introducing the TackleWebs Proper Support Weigh Bag – the ultimate solution for anglers seeking a gentle and fish-friendly method for weighing and releasing their prized catches.

Crafted with the well-being of aquatic life in mind, their weigh bag offers a soft and water-filled environment when a fish is placed inside of it, providing optimal support and reducing stress for the fish. Unlike traditional weighing methods that can cause undue harm, their weigh bag ensures a safer and more humane approach to fish handling.

Say goodbye to the risks associated with using scales and grippers that may inadvertently cause injury or distress to the fish. With the TackleWebs Proper Support Weigh Bag, you can weigh your catch accurately and conveniently without compromising the welfare of the fish.

Experience peace of mind knowing that you're employing a method that prioritizes the health and safety of the game fish we love.  Elevate your fishing experience with the TackleWebs Proper Support Weigh Bag – the preferred choice for ethical anglers everywhere.

Each bag sold supports the International Game Fish Association’s Conservation Programs.

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AFTCO Tackle Backpack

Built for anglers on the go that need lots of storage, AFTCO’s Tackle Backpack holds five 3600 size boxes and one 3700 box. A deep top pocket allows storage for all your bulky gear. Storage includes a felt-lined sunglasses pocket and a water-resistant storage pocket for your valuables or any other items you need to keep dry. When the weather comes up, pull out the built-in rain fly to keep the backpack out of the elements. When you hop off the boat, you’ll enjoy a comfortable padded back and adjustable shoulder straps.

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A Safer, Natural Sunscreen for You and Fish

Introducing Stream2Sea's SPF40 Zinc Sunscreen Balm, a revolutionary formula that's been a decade in the making. This sunscreen sets the standard for reef-safe protection, ensuring both your skin and the environment are cared for.

Crafted with EcoSafe Zinc™, a non-nano mineral, this balm applies sheer but offers powerful protection without harming marine life. Unlike chemical sunscreens, it's safe for catch-and-release anglers, as it doesn't contain oxybenzone, which can be harmful to fish.

With a blend of nine simple ingredients and a proprietary antioxidant mix, this sunscreen provides an added layer of defense against the sun's rays. It's also the only mineral-based sunscreen tested and proven safe for freshwater fish, saltwater fish, and coral larvae, making it a conscious choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Packaged in a recyclable aluminum container, this sunscreen is not only eco-friendly but also highly practical. Its non-greasy, water-resistant formula lasts up to 80 minutes, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're hiking, fishing, or diving, this sunscreen is a reliable companion that travels as well as you do.

With each purchase made using discount code "IGFA" you receive a special discount and Stream2Sea will donate 20% of the sale back to the IGFA. For more information or to order please click here.

Boat Outfitters Trolling Lure Bucket Storage Insert

Transform your standard bucket into the ultimate lure holder with the Trolling Lure Bucket Insert. Say goodbye to tangled and rusted lures, and hello to a more organized and efficient fishing experience. Simply drop the insert into a five-gallon bucket, add your lures, and you're ready to go!

Made of durable PVC, this insert is built to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring long-lasting use. The insert features individual cylinders for each lure, preventing lines from tangling and saving you time on the water. Additionally, drain holes in the insert make cleaning a breeze, keeping your lures rust-free and in top condition.

The Trolling Lure Bucket Insert is available in two options: the Universal Lures Insert and the Large Lures Insert. The Universal Lures Insert includes 19 small cylinders for lures like Ilanders, Sea Witches, and Joe Shutes, two medium cylinders for lures such as the Rapala X-Rap Magnum 40, and three large cylinders for lures like the Nomad DTX 220. The Large Lures Insert includes nine medium cylinders and two large cylinders.

Compatible with most standard buckets, this insert measures 11 inches in diameter and eight inches tall. Please note that the bucket and lures are not included. Upgrade your fishing setup and keep your lures organized with the Trolling Lure Bucket Insert.

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YETI ‘s New King Crab Collection

YETI's new King Crab color collection features a bright orange hue that adds a vibrant and eye-catching look to their outdoor gear. The collection includes a variety of products such as coolers, drinkware, accessories, and more. Yeti is known for its durable gear that can keep drinks at your preferred temperature for hours, making it perfect for daily use throughout the year. This limited-edition color is sure to be popular, so it's recommended to act fast to get your hands on your favorite pieces.

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Costa’s New Whitetip Pro Sunglasses

Introducing the Whitetip Pro Sunglasses, inspired by the fearless and curious nature of sharks. Just like their namesake apex predators, these sunglasses are designed for a migratory life, perfect for your adventures in offshore waters or your favorite flats. The core-styled frames feature gripper temple holes for a secure fit, cam action pin hinges for durability, and a vented front to keep your vision clear even in the most challenging conditions.

The Whitetip Pro sunglasses come with premium polarized 580 lenses, essential for filtering reflective glare on the water or outdoors. These lenses also provide 100% UV protection, ensuring your eyes are shielded from harmful rays. The lenses are made from polarized glass (580G), offering exceptional clarity and durability.

Additionally, the C-Wall coating on these sunglasses provides extra scratch resistance and repels water, oil, and sweat for easy cleaning. With the Whitetip Pro sunglasses, you'll have the eye of the shark as you scan clear waters for your next target, making them the perfect companion for your next adventure.

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Berkley PowerBait The Champ Minnow

Introducing the Berkley PowerBait The Champ Minnow, the ultimate multi-species bait designed by two-time Bassmaster Classic® champion Jordan Lee. This minnow bait features a lifelike profile and high-definition colors that are sure to grab the attention of nearby predators. The Champ Minnow's anatomically correct tail successfully mimics live baitfish, making it irresistible to bass and walleye.
The Champ Minnow is not only designed to look like the real thing but also to perform like it. The expanded color palette includes feedback from top walleye pros and Jordan Lee himself, ensuring that you have the most effective colors for your fishing needs. Additionally, the bait is loaded with Berkley's enticing PowerBait scent and flavor, which encourages fish to hold on up to 18 times longer, giving you more time to set the hook with confidence.

This versatile bait is ideal for use on drop-shot rigs and jigheads, making it a must-have in any angler's tackle box. With The Champ Minnow, you'll be fishing like a pro and reeling in those trophy catches in no time.

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