The IGFA Announces
Expansion to Angler Recognition Programs

New programs added to fuel angler engagement and participation around the world

April 4, 2024

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) is excited to announce the expansion of its IGFA World Record and Slam & Trophy Club programs. These additions, effective April 1, 2024, underscore IGFA's commitment to celebrating angling achievements while promoting sustainable fishing practices worldwide.

"By expanding our recognition programs, we're not only honoring the rich tradition of sport fishing but also encouraging anglers to explore and appreciate the diversity of game fish species," said IGFA President, Jason Schratwieser. "It's a thrilling time for the IGFA as we continue to adapt and grow, ensuring the future of recreational fishing through the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices and global engagement."

Additional details of these recent changes are listed below. For more information or specific questions, please contact IGFA Angler Recognition Manager Zack Bellapigna at [email protected] or 954-924-4247.

Additions to the IGFA World Records Program

White (Silver) Trevally (Pseudocaranx dentex)

Added as a new entry across Line Class, Tippet Class, Junior, and All-Tackle Length World Record categories, the white (silver) trevally introduces 36 new open record categories. With a current IGFA All-Tackle weight of 15.25 kilograms (33 pounds, 9 ounces), the white trevally boasts a large range in Oceania and is popular among anglers of all skill levels and genres. The minimum length for the All-Tackle Length categories is 55 centimeters.

Murray Cod (Maccullochella peelii)

Now eligible for catch-and-release All-Tackle Length World Records, the Murray cod is a popular freshwater predatory fish in Australia with an avid fan base on all genres of tackle. This addition will result in three new open record categories. The minimum length for the All-Tackle Length categories is 90 centimeters.


Additions to the IGFA Slam & Trophy Club Program

Trophy Club Additions

  • Trophy Wahoo Club – 80 pounds (36.2 kg) / 165 centimeters (64.9 inches)

  • Trophy Giant Trevally Club – 80 pounds (36.2 kg) / 120 centimeters (47.2 inches)

  • Trophy Snapper (Squirefish) Club – 25 pounds (11.3 kg) / 85 centimeters (33.4 inches)

Pacific Reef Royal Slam

The new Pacific Reef Royal Slam category includes iconic game fish common in different parts of Oceania including Great barracuda, dolphinfish, and giant trevally (full list of eligible species below). This new Royal Slam's range extends throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans, offering anglers a fantastic opportunity to travel and complete this prestigious achievement.

Eligible species:

  • Bluefin trevally
  • dolphinfish
  • dogtooth tuna
  • giant trevally
  • kawakawa
  • narrowbarred mackerel
  • Pacific sailfish
  • rainbow runner
  • southern yellowtail
  • Talang queenfish
  • wahoo

For more information about the IGFA’s Angler Recognition initiatives including Slam & Trophy Club programs, please visit For more information about IGFA World Records, visit