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Scientific Anglers Magnitude Texture Grand Slam Clear Tip Fly Line

Magnitude lines represent a new era in saltwater fly line technology, eliminating the headaches of clear lines. The Scientific Angler’s family of lines is loaded with revolutionary technologies, making them the most durable and slickest clear floating fly lines on the market. DuraCoat's dual-polymer design optimizes stiffness, abrasion resistance, and slickness. Enhanced with EST+ slickness additive for unmatched durability, smoother shooting, and eco-friendly performance. These lines load rods quickly, cut through the wind with ease, and turn over big saltwater flies. The shooting texture running line delivers longer casts, and an overweighted design by .75 sizes allows for quick loading. Choose Magnitude for innovative, high-performance fly lines.

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AFTCO Channel Hooded Performance Shirt

Built for anglers on the go that need lots of storage, AFTCO’s Tackle Backpack holds five 3600 size boxes and one 3700 box. A deep top pocket allows storage for all your bulky gear. Storage includes a felt-lined sunglasses pocket and a water-resistant storage pocket for your valuables or any other items you need to keep dry. When the weather comes up, pull out the built-in rain fly to keep the backpack out of the elements. When you hop off the boat, you’ll enjoy a comfortable padded back and adjustable shoulder straps.

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SeaSucker 5 Gallon Bucket Holder

The SeaSucker 5 Gallon Bucket Holder is a must-have accessory for any angler's boat. This versatile holder can be easily mounted anywhere on your boat using a 4.5" SeaSucker mount, ensuring a secure and stable attachment for your standard five-gallon bucket.

Crafted from durable 3/4" King Starboard, this holder is built to withstand the harsh marine environment, offering superior strength and longevity compared to cheap, injection-molded plastic alternatives. The integrated pliers holder and net holder add extra functionality, keeping your essential tools within easy reach while you fish.

Measuring 11.75" wide by 4.25" tall, this holder is perfectly sized to accommodate your standard five-gallon bucket, providing a stable and secure mount that won't let you down, even in rough waters. Its sleek design adds a touch of style to your boat, while its practicality enhances your fishing experience by keeping your gear organized and accessible.

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danco’s New Premio USA Pliers

The new danco premio pliers are 100% machined 6AL-4V titanium with a sleek polished finish and fitted with our exclusive Mega Halo Hinge. These pliers also feature replaceable Cobalt-Titanium side cutters which are suitable for braided line, fluorocarbon, monofilament and even light wire. The entire line of premio pliers comes in very exclusive boxed packaging and they feature a 304 stainless-steel D ring, an elastic cord (non-coiled) lanyard and a belt clip sheath made from the highest-grade leather. These pliers are extremely lightweight, so light that you will barely notice them on your hip for your lifetime of fishing excursions.

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Costa’s New Grand Catalina Sunglasses

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with Costa Grand Catalina sunglasses. The laid-back design is great for leisure, while removable side shields offer enhanced protection. Turn up the heat with Grand Catalina’s advanced sweat management system! Vented, adjustable rubber nose pads prevent fogging while sweat channels direct moisture away from your face. Designed for all face shapes, Grand Catalina sunglasses provide a personalized fit with spring hinges.

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Nomad Designs Ultimate Slow Pitch Jigging Bundle

The Nomad Designs Ultimate Slow Pitch Jigging Bundle is a comprehensive package designed to elevate your slow pitch jigging game. This bundle includes 12 of Nomad's best jigs, including The Buffalo in 120g, 230g, and 180g sizes, The Gypsea in 200g, 120g, and 80g sizes, and The Ridgeback in 200g, 160g, 120g, and 80g sizes. Each jig is meticulously crafted for optimal performance in slow pitch jigging, ensuring you have the right tool for the job no matter the conditions.

As an added bonus, this bundle comes with a free 300yd spool of braided line, allowing you to spool up your reel and hit the water faster. Simply select the braid size you need and add it to your order in the cart. With the Nomad Designs Ultimate Slow Pitch Jigging Bundle, you'll have everything you need to take your slow pitch jigging to the next level and land some great fish.

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