IGFA Oceania Regional Council Meeting 2024: Advancing Angling and Conservation in the Region

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, the IGFA held its Oceania Regional Council Meeting at the historic Sydney Game Fishing Club (SGFC) clubhouse in Sydney, Australia. IGFA Chairman Roy Cronacher, President Jason Schratwieser, and Global Relations Manager Andy Saldana, joined IGFA Representatives and industry leaders from across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Fiji, who convened to address issues within the region's angling community and discuss future plans of the IGFA Oceania Regional Council.

Attendees discussed conservation, regulations, and ways to promote angler recognition and education. The IGFA Oceania Regional Council outlined plans to empower anglers and foster ethical practices.

Attendees engaged in discussions ranging from conservation efforts and regulatory concerns to opportunities to better promote angler recognition and education activities in the region. Over the course of the meeting, members of the IGFA Oceania Regional Council outlined ambitious plans for the coming years, emphasizing the importance of leveraging educational initiatives to empower anglers and help create a new generation of ethically minded recreational anglers.

A highlight of the meeting were the insightful presentations delivered by distinguished speakers, including IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame Inductee Dr. Julian Pepperell and representatives from Tuna Champions, shedding light on critical conservation strategies, and highlighting the significance of collective action in safeguarding marine biodiversity.

The event also welcomed special guest Ian Bladin, President of the Game Fish Association of Australia (GFAA) whose presence underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing the interests of the angling community.

IGFA President Jason Schratweiser, left, and Chairman Roy Cronacher, right, present GFAA Historian, John McIntyre with an IGFA certificate of recognition.

Furthermore, attendees were treated to a presentation by John McIntyre, GFAA Historian, who was honored with an IGFA certificate of recognition for his unwavering dedication to the sport and its rich history.

The IGFA Oceania Regional Council Meeting 2024 promoted dialogue, collaboration, and commitment to advancing recreational angling. It reaffirmed the resolve to promote responsible angling, conservation, and education for current and future anglers.

In conclusion, the IGFA Oceania Regional Council Meeting 2024 served as a platform for meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and commitment to advancing the interests of recreational angling in the region. As the angling community continues to navigate evolving challenges, the event reaffirmed the collective resolve to promote responsible angling practices, conservation efforts, and education initiatives for the benefit of present and future generations of anglers.

The IGFA appreciates IGFA Trustee and Oceania Regional Council Chair, Brett Cleary, for organizing this event and leading the Oceania Council.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Sydney Game Fishing Club for graciously hosting the meeting in Sydney. Additionally, we wish to express our appreciation to IGFA Trustee and Chair of the Oceania Regional Council, Brett Cleary, for leading the charge in organizing this important event and spearheading the efforts of the Oceania Council.