Join the Lerner Society and Your Legacy Will Protect the Future of Fishing!

As a valued member of the IGFA, we know that fishing means a lot more to you than just a casual hobby. It is your passion! You may be a member pursuing an IGFA World Record, Slam Club, or Trophy Club. Or you may be a member because you support our conservation and education programs. Regardless of your reason for being an IGFA member, your passion, and support of the IGFA can become a part of your legacy. 

The IGFA, founded by Michael Lerner in 1939, was established to advance the scientific understanding of game fish and protect them. Lerner's vision lives on, and today, the IGFA is thriving, and making strides in game fish conservation that he could only have dreamed of. The Lerner Society is a testament to his memory and honors donors who contribute to the IGFA's mission through planned giving. Your planned gift could be the key to furthering our mission and leaving a lasting impact on the world of fishing. 

What is a planned gift? In its simplest definition, a planned gift is a gift made as part of an individual's estate. Every year, most people who pass away do so without having prepared a last will and testament. However, planned giving is not about death. It is about what is best for you and your family. It lets you plan while you are alive and choose where you want to leave your legacy. 

There are many ways a person can donate as part of their estate. Donors may make the IGFA a beneficiary of their will, trust, or life insurance policy. Alternatively, there are ways to donate today and receive financial benefits during your lifetime, such as choosing to make a distribution from your retirement funds. 

To help start the process, the IGFA has created a website full of information and resources, The site is a bank of helpful information, including how to give, what to give, and donor stories that provide examples of the different options available. There is also a free estate planning guide to help you start the planning process. For guidance and best practices, you should seek the assistance of a legal and financial advisor. 

Perhaps you’ve already included the IGFA in your estate plan. Let us know and we’d be delighted to invite you to join the Lerner Society.

Are you ready to plan your fishing legacy? If so, please visit You can also contact IGFA Chief Development Officer Barbara E. Cini, JD, CFRE, at [email protected] or 954-498-7153. You may also contact IGFA Development Director Eric Combast at [email protected] or 954-924-4325.